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Why do we need Crystals for Protection? How do Crystals and the energies it emits protect us? There are many questions in our minds. Do read this and know more about it.

We interact with thousands of people in our lifetime let that be at work, at social gatherings, with family friends, relatives, etc.

It’s just what we do as human beings, staying connected let that be for occasions or for work.

But chances are not all of the people you interact with have the best intentions about you in their minds, let that be spreading their negative views about you, painting negative thoughts in your head, or constantly draining your energy.

Which can demotivate you and make you too weak to do anything and can eventually promote threats to your mental well-being, luckily crystals are here to the rescue.

Crystal healing, if you aren’t familiar with it, is an energy healing method where crystals, raw stones, and semi-precious stones that contain distinctive powers are used to help people achieve their goals, stay healthy, remain focused, and become happier.

Crystals can be used to get rid of people like the ones we mentioned so that you can protect yourself from digesting their negative emotions or any other bad or toxic behaviors.

So without further ado here are 6 crystals that can protect you during these times:

Black Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline

So let’s start with one of the best crystals for protection: “black tourmaline”, the name is similar to its color, and it is a stone used for protection, calmness, and other things we will list.

Black Tourmaline can be used by people to ground themselves so they are at peace and help them furthermore by shielding them from:

  • Negativity from other people 
  • Psychic attacks
  • EMF radiations from electronic devices 
  • Electromagnetic smog
  • Energy vampires 

This stone can also be used to break your own negative thought patterns aka regular patterns where you indulge in negative or toxic thinking.

Black tourmaline can also assist you in dealing with your anxiety better by blocking out unhelpful thoughts you face during high-stakes situations or when you are being social.

You can meditate with this stone to enhance the effects and reclaim your peace of mind whenever you feel things are getting out of control and you are facing a flood full of negative thoughts.



Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold” as it has a golden color and its incredible ability to bring opportunities of wealth and abundance to the wearer.

But the effect of Pyrite is not limited to that, as this stone can also be a great protector against negativity, bad luck, and more.

And as you might have experienced, getting rid of negativity is not enough. You also need to shine the light with positivity and confidence and with Pyrite you can expect to do exactly that.

Pyrite can help you release your negativity and bring out the confidence in you and work on introducing positive changes in your life.

And aside from being a great crystal for protection, Pyrite can also be used for “digital detox” when you are spending a lot of your time around electronic gadgets and computers.

This can help you to digest information, and events that happened throughout the day without being overloaded or overworked by it and eventually lead to a healthier life.

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz

Known as “the master healer” clear quartz is one of the best crystals for protection and healing as well.

Its physical properties are pretty basic and you might have seen this crystal more than the others on this list.

Its clear, transparent, and whitish look is simple yet beautiful to look at.

But aside from its beauty, you can expect to flush out your negativity really quickly and ensure you are flowing with positive and well-regulated energy.

This alone is enough to not get carried away by toxic people’s behavior and thoughts.

But that’s not all Clear quartz is excellent at protection from these people and the ones we discussed earlier that can show up at your workplace, home, or in any social situation in general.

And just like Pyrite, you can expect Clear quartz to replace negative energies and thoughts with positivity.

Alternatively, Clear quartz also acts as a great amplifier for other crystals and you can pair this crystal with others to amplify their effects.


Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst offers a few distinctive benefits including protection of your inner peace and state of mind.

This crystal is known to assist you in balancing your emotional state therefore not becoming a slave to other people’s negative emotions while also keeping you in a calm and mindful state.

Amethyst is also a great healing crystal and can help you heal from emotional wounds and of course offer protection for your emotional state for the future.

You can also expect to decrease your stress levels while keeping this crystal around.

Amethyst can guard your emotional well-being against negative attacks, negative thoughts, and ill wishes from others and assist you to explore your inner peace.

Things like anger, anxiety, jealousy, and mood swings are often the reason for self-destruction and lowering your guard therefore allowing others to guide your emotions at times like that Amethyst can help soothe those emotions and provide some comfort.



While others on the list offer you protection against negativity from others and yourself, 

Labradorite assists you in focusing on positive things happening around you and shows you the bright side of your world.

Labradorite is also called the “stone of magic” and it can really do wonders for people who are ready for positive transformations of such.

And of course, aside from keeping you optimistic about your future Labradorite offers protection to your emotional state and flushes out negativity.

But what really makes Labradorite the perfect crystal for protection and healing is to get rid of habits that no longer serve you and assist you in introducing healthy changes in your life.

Labradorite can be used when you are creating good habits as it can offer great assistance and inspiration when things get hard.

And while it helps you build discipline, Labradorite also exhibits joy and emotional warmth to the wearer.

Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz

And of course, as we are talking about crystals for protection we cannot leave out “Smoky quartz”.

Smoky quartz is known to battle thoughts that lead to depression, social anxiety, and stress and relieves any suicidal tendencies.

Meditating with smoky quartz can also help you in calming your fear, balancing your emotional state, and bringing yourself to the present moment.

And of course like other crystals for protection in this list you can expect Smokey quartz to protect you from psychic attacks and neutralize negativity.

Also like Black tourmaline smoky quartz can be used as protection against emf radiation and smog.


And that’s it for today’s video!

Hope you enjoyed it and found some available picks that we listed, let us know if you have used any one of these before or all of them.

And before you go we like to advise you that if you are physically ill or deal with mental illness it is best to use crystals with proper medical advice, and treatments for best results.

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Final thoughts:

As we end this post we feel responsible to advise you that while we love crystals and think they can do wonders it is also important to get yourself diagnosed with proper doctors and follow prescribed medications and treatments for mental and physical illness.

The results you get from using crystals with medical treatments are much more beneficial and can assist you in rapid healing.

Do let us know what you think about this post and do check out our website for more posts like these do let us know if you need help with energy healing like these as that’s what we do.

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