Crystals To Stick to Your Resolutions

A few Crystals to stick to your resolutions, as people might have started seeking out towards setting their goals that lead to their personal development.

Let that be losing weight, eating healthy, learning new skills, getting a hobby and so much more.

There are so many things one can hear about improving something in their lives, but the obvious catch is? Staying on that goal and following the steps

To achieve it, staying disciplined enough to work every day to get there, because if one thing we can all agree on is goals can be set in a minute, it doesn’t take any time or any effort so to speak.

But if you are serious about your goals and really want to achieve that, here are a few crystals that just might help you.

Crystals, if you didn’t already know, can be used to reap specific benefits as the concept of “crystal healing” has been used for centuries to heal one’s mind, body, and soul.

And in this post, we would be talking about the crystals you can use to stay disciplined, and motivated, build good habits, get rid of bad ones, and a few other things that can assist you in achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Although there are other good things that you can benefit from crystal healing, we would mostly be talking about crystals for discipline and crystals for habits.

So without further ado here are 4 crystals you can use to stick to your resolutions, and habits and ensure that you can get the best results out of your new year resolutions:

1.   Amazonite:


Let’s begin our list with Amazonite.

It is great for people who often delay their work because they think they are tired enough when in reality they are not.

They are just procrastinating, this crystal can help you understand the perspective and allows you to understand your feelings so you can distinguish between necessary rest or distractions.

This can allow you to balance your rest with your efforts, which in turn will produce better results and can help you make your resolutions stick better with you.

Aside from Amazonite being one of the best crystals for discipline this crystal can also bring you luck which can open up doors of a few opportunities for you and allow you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Amazonite also calms your nerves, and your mind when you are in a “high-stakes” situation, or just in general when you are flooded with thoughts that make you anxious.

And if you are lost in your journey or struggle to find balance in your emotions then mediating with Amazonite can allow you to feel emotional warmth, and clarity and soothe your fears.

Lastly, if you are working with teams Amazonite can help you to communicate better and form better relationships while working together.

2.   Sodalite:


This Crystal can help you listen to your inner voice which can help you make better choices by weighing “What you want now?” and “What do you want the most?”.

This can allow you to understand how your current decisions are gonna affect your long-term goals which can help you stay accountable and true to yourself.

Awareness of your choices can make you take long and hard paths which can ultimately lead to better improvements and fulfillment.

Other than that sodalite can also help you see situations in a rational and logical way, this is useful when we are not our best selves or when we can get easily attracted to short-term pleasures.

3.   Bloodstone:

Blood Stone

One can easily use bloodstone to energize themselves and align themselves towards their goal.

For example when at times you are thinking “I can’t go for that run this morning”, simply use this crystal to meditate and give yourself a boost to push harder.

Other than keeping you refreshed and energetic bloodstone can be used to draw out negative energy from your environment, which is crucial as it can create imaginary obstacles in your life and stop your growth.

Keeping negative energy away also ensures that you are in better company aka not surrounded by people who drain your energy or talk you out of something that can help you grow or improve yourself.

Bloodstone also helps you to summon enough courage that can allow you to live your truth and express your creative desires to others.

You might find this useful when you are adopting a good habit or getting rid of a bad one.

4.   Citrine:


The last on our list of Crystals To Stick to Your Resolutions is Citrine, mastering your mornings can allow you to take control of your day and allow you to become aware of obstacles,

People you may face today and allow you to plan ahead which can then later give you a better sense of control and help you to stay calm and centered.

You can use Citrine to set your goals for the day which can help you see the bigger picture and make you more productive during the day.

Other than being the perfect crystal to use in the morning, Citrine helps you feel confident and raise your self-esteem so that you don’t shy away from the big opportunities you get in your life.

And like Bloodstone you can also use citrine to recharge and motivate yourself so that you are in the best position to tackle the upcoming challenges and work hard at your goals.

Citrine can also help you bring comfort at times of stress, this is helpful when you are overthinking your progress and struggling to see results.

Final thoughts:

So above were some crystals to help you to stick to your resolutions and stay disciplined and focused on the long-term goals and assist you in working each day to get there.

But keep in mind no crystal can take you out of your bed, you have to make effort and use these crystals together to get the best results.

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Thank you for reading!

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