6 Things You Should Know About Crystals for Health

When it comes to health, crystal healing has a lot of uses that are beneficial for both the mind and body and even the soul.

But oftentimes there are misconceptions or few rare things people don’t know about these beautiful elements.

So if you are beginning to introduce some crystals in your routine to help you make changes in your life here are few things you should know.

From pairing the right crystals to thinking they would do all the work here we have curated 6 things that you should know about crystals healing:

1.   No crystal is more powerful than others:

Before you buy any crystal know that each crystal has its own powers, uses, and benefits.

There is no one king crystal that would give or accelerate those benefits among the others.

You need to list down things you are dealing with: Anxiety, stress, unhappiness, or lack of clarity.

A crystal would need to be picked by consulting a professional, that can guide you to pick the one’s that could assist you in improving or balancing your life.

The reason to consult professionals is that they would show you how to include them in your routine as crystal healing is an alternate medicine you need to be careful about them.

2.   Crystals cannot heal wounds

If your reason to learn about crystals is thinking it would magically heal wounds then you should read below.

Crystals do not have magical powers that can heal wounds, stitch your injuries, etc.

If that was possible then there wouldn’t be any hospitals.

These elements are known to assist you in healing and keep you calm during the process.

However, crystals like Black Tourmaline and Jasper have shown to heal the pain.

3.   You cannot skip medicine when using crystals:

As you introduce crystal healing in your life you need to understand that if you are on prescribed medicines then you can’t skip them.

As it is best to use medicines as well as crystals to benefit your healing and cure pain.

No matter how good you think those crystals are but remember crystals can only assist you not do things on their own as mentioned above.

4.   A crystals power or effect is not determined by its size:

If you think big crystals have more power or greater effects compared to smaller ones you are wrong.

A crystal’s size has no effect on how crystals would work and what their properties are.

For example, Sapphire is known for its ability to cure insomnia, but having a 4-foot crystal won’t make you sleep right away!

A decent size crystal can also be considered for beauty and could be carried around by its wearers.

5.   A crystal would work whether it’s given as a gift or not:

A common myth people believe is that crystals will only work if they are given as a gift to you.

But that’s not true, you can buy crystals on your own and they will work the same as if it was given to you as a gift.

You don’t need to wait for someone to gift this to you to reap the amazing benefits of the crystals.

The ability of crystal works depends on how much they are connected to you, so it’s a good rule to see how much you feel them when they are around.

6.   Each crystal works in different ways:

Crystals are unique in shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Each crystal has its own unique set of powers that can be used according to the wearer’s needs.

Here are few crystals with their abilities:


It also works as a good luck charm, and it can help in healing health issues like:

This crystal can be used to balance emotions hence providing some emotional stability.

The immune system, respiratory system, etc.

Tiger’s eye:

Gives you a boost in motivation, inspires you, and gets rid of fear, self-doubts that hold you back from taking action and moving forward.

Along with that this crystal is also known to bring balance to your life and declutter your mind and give you some clarity in making decisions.

Clear quartz:

This white crystal is known to be considered a “master healer”.

It is known to balance your body can be paired with another crystal to balance their effects.

And also known to amplify your energy, getting rid of negative thoughts, while increasing your memory and improve concentration.

So above were things you needed to know about crystal healing and its effects on your health.

What are the things that you think should have made a point here, let us know below?

Thank you for reading!

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