Which Crystal Should You Choose To Gain Inner Strength

Strength comes in different shapes and sizes, it can be more than lifting giant weights or learning how to throw punches, it can be about building resilience inside you that can help you push through tough times and deal with things like pandemic stress.

Now more than ever we need strength and intuition among ourselves to guide us through, inner strength however doesn’t have to be “too good to be true”.

You will still feel other emotions, but you won’t be taken over by them.

You could still fail, be sad, feel isolated, etc but you would know one thing for sure “You will get through this”.

How do crystals help?

From ancient times people are using crystals and their energies to assist them in building great emotional strength, and resilience, and taking back control of their lives.

Crystals are filled with powers that are used for healing the mind, body, and soul and now in modern times a lot of people are also using this around their workplace or a social event and even at home.

So let’s see what crystals you can choose for increasing your inner strength:

1.   Bloodstone:


Bloodstone comes in as one of the most powerful healing gemstones ever found.

To the wearer, it can promote qualities like selflessness, empathy, and idealism other, and the bloodstone is also known to bring out courage, resilience, and perseverance.

All of the qualities of warriors, hence bloodstone is also known as the “warrior stone”.

Other than emotional benefits this gemstone also has health benefits like improving blood circulation etc.

But when talking about inner strength we often know “what to do” but not “what not to do” as in eliminating the bad or unhealthy habits that are often required for our success,

So bloodstone also removes feelings of fear, irritation, anxiety, and aggressiveness.

2.   Serpentine:


When talking about building resilience and gaining your inner strength we cannot miss having a positive mindset as having positive thoughts can restore your confidence and make you work harder.

Serpentine is known to promote positive vibes while getting rid of negative thoughts and unhelpful thoughts.

Other than that oftentimes we are held back by nothing but ourselves so this gemstone also helps you get rid of mental blockages so you can explore your inner strength and be more self-aware.

3.   Moonstone:


One of the most beautiful-looking and effective stones on this list is the moonstone.

This stone is known for “new beginnings”, so when you are about to make a major change in your life this is the stone to be with.

Other than that moonstone promotes inner growth and strength during tough times including things like pandemic stress.

As the name “moonstone” shines light upon darkness and helps you to calm yourselves when making big decisions.

So if you are about to make a major change in your life or change the way you think moonstone is a must-have stone.

4.   Selenite:


Selenite is majorly known for clearing your head and calming your mind.

As it can be hard to find your inner peace and place of strength when you have a fog of thoughts.

A clear and calm mind is often the first step to being self-aware and learning what you have to improve in yourself.

Selenite comes in one of the most powerful healing crystals as it can help you:

  • Get rid of unpleasant energies and replace them with good ones.
  • Promote clear thinking, peace, and calmness.
  • Get rid of emotional blockage.
  • Aids focus, memory, and access your intuition.

Other than that Selenite can also help you on your spiritual journey and lift your spirits up as this is one of the crystals that vibrate at higher frequencies.

How and when can you use these crystals?

  • As mentioned in the introduction you can use these around your workplace, right now it might be your home, so place these stones around the place you work.
  • Other than that you can also carry them in your pockets, a lot of these crystals and stones are portable.
  • If you decide to carry these crystals around then you can also wear them as jewelry.
  • You can also use these crystals during your meditation as they can improve your mental health and increase your inner strength.
  • You can also gift these crystals to the ones you think need courage.
  • If you are going to the office then place one of the crystals around your area.
  • You can use these crystals during travel to help make the most of your vacation.
  • And lastly whenever you choose to relax but are not able to shut down, try these crystals.

Above were our picks of crystals and gemstones for gaining your inner strength and dealing with tough times, which ones do you like the most?

Also, have you been using one before? Let us know!

Thank you for reading!

Pankaj P Soni

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