Everything Happens for a Reason

As I heard this, my mind wandered and the first question which came to mind is the current situation happening in the World. This is not some war, or some natural disaster happening in one place. But Cities, Countries across the Planet have come to a halt. Everywhere the streets are deserted.

The reason is one virus which if you come into contact can give you symptoms like flu and can be fatal. How is it that we humans being advanced have no answer to this, and why is it that the medicine is not ready? So are we Humans really that advanced?

One question that came into my mind, is that we have gone way ahead of what is required by us, is it in some manner we have been witnessing that even if we have reached space and had unique breakthroughs in science, still the journey is not complete.

Has this halt come because we have been out on a race to achieve something of which many of us don’t know why, but just to achieve our daily needs? Is it that we just think of our growth, company growth, business growth, salary increment, a child coming first in class, Me getting bigger contracts, I want to marry the most beautiful girl, I want the most handsome man?

So we are all just behind something that we want? Have we questioned ourselves, what is it that I am looking for in my life? Why is he my Father, she, my Mother, he, my son, she, my daughter, he, my husband, she, my wife? Where is the bigger question why am I here, what is it that my life in this family/place/city doing here? What is it that I have been chosen for, and given this life?

We fail to ask to own ourselves and we feel I will do that once I am done with this work, which never happens.

I help you in the clearing of your why?

Why you are here?

Why you are doing this work?

Why do you want to achieve what you have targeted?

What will make me feel happy?

Why do you feel you are not successful and others are?

Why do you feel there is something missing, even when you are successful?

Do you have a peaceful sleep?

Come to know what will make you happy.

How do Crystals play a role in your day-to-day life?

How do the vibrations released by these crystals support you and keep you aligned?

How these Crystals keep the other’s intentions and their vibrations away from you so that you can carry on with your Work.

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Pankaj P Soni

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