FAQs On Crystal Healing – 1

Crystal healing is quickly becoming one of the best methods people are using to heal themselves, relax and begin the manifestation of their goals.

But if you are new to all of this you might have so many questions in your head that need answers as soon as possible, so that you can begin your journey as soon as possible.

Questions like “best crystals for beginners” or “How exactly things work” are common, so we at WeRCrystals have curated some of the most commonly asked questions regarding crystal healing that can help you move forward and get educated.

As you proceed, to make things brief and detailed we have broken down these blog posts into 2 parts, the first part is the one you are reading which will answer the first 5 questions and the 2nd and last part will cover the rest of the questions, so make sure to check out both.

Now without further ado here are the commonly asked questions regarding crystal healing:

1) I am new to crystal healing. What should I do?

Before buying the crystals and learning how to use them let’s begin with the very first question: what should you do first?

To answer that, make a list of all the things you want in your life, don’t make it too general like avoid writing statements like “I want wealth, or I want more success in my life”.

These goals are way too common and may halt your progress, instead write things that you actually want and be specific.

Like: “I want to make X amount of money each month”,  “I want to remove that person’s negativity out of my life” or “I want to reach my personal goal by the end of the year”.

Being specific with your goals not only allows you to achieve them with clarity but also helps you decide whether this is something you actually want or if is this a goal that is set by other people for yourself.

As you are writing down your goals you come to better understand the steps you need to take and most importantly this can help you pick the right crystals that can help you get there instead of doing all the guesswork by buying in bulk.

Once you have done that, look for crystals that can help you with your goals, for example, if you struggle to maintain your relationships at work or are unable to communicate effectively with your co-workers then Rose quartz might be of some help.

Next, researching your crystals is the key, and once you do then you need to learn how to align the crystals with you and how to use them for your purpose. 

If you need support at the beginning of this journey you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

2) How do crystals work?

These natural crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious raw stones are stored with powers and vibrations and each of these is unique and can be beneficial in a different way than the other.

While “crystal healing” is the term for using these objects to heal you, this process is not just limited to crystals as you read above.

These crystals might look perfectly cut and polished, but can be created artificially in the lab.

And while these might look better than the original ones they have no healing effects on you which we are looking for.

So don’t get excited by the beauty of these crystals, remember the goal is to find crystals that can assist you in achieving your goals so you should come to know the uses of these Crystals and how they will help you to achieve your goals/happiness.

But back to how these crystals work, one can use these crystals by meditating with them, it can help him/her declutter their mind, get clear on their path and suck out all the negativity they have.

Meditation in itself is a great thing but when you do it with a crystal it can help you narrow down your focus on things you want.

You can use this at the start of the day to line out your “to-do list”, you can use it to set expectations for your day and make up your mind as to what you want to work on, etc.

The other way is carrying the crystals with you wherever you go.

This can help you get the best out of your crystals as you are surrounded by the positive effects of the crystals you have.

And just so we are talking about keeping things portable, you don’t have to carry a giant 1-2 feet of crystals with you wherever you go.

Gemstones and crystals are available in multiple sizes, you can carry them in your pocket.

And the last way to use your crystal is by keeping it at your desk, office, cubicle, or even at home, depending on what your ambitions are.

It can work both ways.

3) Are there any similar crystals like Tiger’s eye?

As people start to search for crystal healing one of the common ones they come across is a “tiger’s eye”.

For those who don’t know, Tiger’s eye can be used to restore confidence, and self-esteem and kick out fear from a person.

Since Issues of self-worth are something a lot of people struggle with and therefore tiger’s eye can help them improve their state.

Now, as per the question, are there any alternatives like Tiger’s eye?

Yes, there is.

People who are looking for crystals to get rid of fear can go with a carnelian.

Carnelian can help you endure and push through during times of fear and self-doubt instead of getting paralyzed and giving up.

Carnelian is also good for summoning enough courage to pursue an adventure that seemed impossible at the time so people who love the tiger’s eye might love Carnelian as well.

As for people who are looking to boost their self-confidence, they can go with “Green aventurine”.

Green aventurines can help people speak up for themselves and make tough decisions, this crystal can also help you calm down the negative self-talk that is not helpful at times of stress and high stakes.

You can also use Green aventurine to calm your nerves down before your big presentation or when you are talking about something serious with someone etc.

This can allow you to not give in to fear and have clarity in your thoughts.

4) What are some crystals for beginners?

As people move on to picking up crystals for themselves, here are our most common recommendations:

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz

Chances are this is the first crystal you might have ever seen, Clear quartz is a translucent white crystal which is one of the most common forms in which crystals are presented.

Clear Quartz is also used to enhance the energy of other Stones in Crystal Healing.

Clear quartz can be used for regulating one’s energy flow and giving clarity to their decisions.

One can also use this crystal to amplify their energies and use it throughout the day.

But one of the best uses of this crystal is that it absorbs your negative energy and ensures you are filled with positive energies.

Black tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is a protective stone, meaning one can use this to shield themselves from picking up negative energies from other beings around them.

Oftentimes you can’t help but find yourself transferring negativity from people around you, this can then turn into a cycle where you are transferring your negative energies to others and so on.

Using black tourmaline at the workplace is the ideal way to use it, as the workplace is one of the common places where one can be surrounded by toxic thoughts, gossip, and hardships of their co-workers.

But if your home has problems like these you can keep one there too.


While one can get plenty of protection from the crystals above, Amethyst offers protection even from psychic and emotional attacks.

Which are done by people when they are jealous of your progress, or status or just don’t have the right intentions in their mind.

One can also use this stone to deal with anxiety, grief, and sadness as it can help you with self-expression and help flush out negativity.

Other than that if you are someone who wants to bring some positive change in their lives, then Amethyst is the crystal to have as it can help you with your positive transformation and help you in growing.

  1. What are some crystals for anxiety?

For people dealing with anxiety or even find themselves anxious during low-stakes or low risky situations one can use these crystals to calm down:

Rose Quartz:

While this pink crystal is mostly known for its ability to spread love, strengthen relationships or establish trust in others one can also find some more benefits in it.

Rose quartz can help you step back into the present and avoid suffering in your own imagination.

You can also use Rose Quartz to bring some peace to your life and help balance your emotional state and build up emotional strength.


We feel anxious when we realize we don’t have enough control over the situations we are in.

But there is a limit to what you can do as external factors are always there, you can put all of your work into a presentation but if the power is cut out, it is not your fault.

During times like these, one might freak out and lose their patience but with Sodalite, you can promote rational and logical thinking which can help you understand things better and avoid getting angry or sad over little things.

You can also use Sodalite to listen to your inner voice which can help you stay connected and communicate better with the people around you. 

And that’s it!

See you in the next post!

Thank you for reading!

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