Balancing Your Chakras By Using The Right Crystals

Keep your Chakras Balanced in the correct flow which might be the key to solving problems related to your well-being and emotional state.

Our body contains a little more than the human biology taught in our elementary school, and therefore there are few things that cannot be fully explained using modern science.

But the thing we are talking about today isn’t new and there is a great chance you might have heard of it, maybe that’s why you are here to figure out how to use them in the right way or to use them with the right crystals.

“Chakras” as the name suggests are a spinning wheel of energy in your body, each chakra has a different purpose and uses.

But all of these chakras somehow affect your physical and mental state, so it is important to ensure that they are in the right order so you can ensure a healthy and positive energy flow to your mind, body, and soul.

In fact, why are we using crystals?

As you might know, crystals contain unique and powerful energies, vibrations, and effects that can be easily used for a variety of purposes.

Crystal healing has been one of the most popular energy healing methods that gained traction over the past few years and combining concepts of chakras can really allow you to get things in order.

So today we would be listing out crystals, their overall positive effects on you, and how it impacts your chakras.

Before we proceed, a short introduction about the 7 major chakras we are paying attention to today while discussing the crystals:

1. Root chakra: 

Responsible for giving you a sense of stability, making you feel secure and grounded.

This chakra is also in control of our survival instincts.

When this chakra is overactive you may feel bossy, and dominant, carry a big ego, and may even become violent.

If underactive you may feel frustrated, fearful, shy, and unsure about your decisions.

2. Sacral chakra:

Balanced Sacral Chakra means you are friendly, passionate, sexually fulfilled, and have a good mood.

If this chakra becomes overactive you feel the constant need for achieving more power and you may also become manipulative and start using people for your personal gains.

When underactive you may feel guilty about little things, afraid to interact, feel lost and you would start to care more about what people think about you and your actions.

3. Solar Plexus chakra:

You can think of this chakra as our emotional core, as it is responsible for how we feel about ourselves.

This directly impacts our self-esteem, confidence, and ability to feel comfortable in our own skin.

If Sacral Chakra is Balanced then you can respect yourself and others, feel confident, have problem-solving abilities, and feel calm.

When overactive you may become judgemental, stubborn, and bully others.

If this chakra is underactive you have low self-esteem, and apathy, you start to procrastinate and feel like you are constantly being “taken advantage of” so you become more defensive.

4. Heart chakra:

If the heart chakra is blocked you may face physical health-related problems like heart diseases, asthma, and other breathing problems.

When this chakra is balanced, you would feel loved, give love to others, establish trust more often and become empathetic towards others.

When this chakra is overactive you feel entitled, jealous, and would blame others.

If this chakra is underactive you may feel unloved, you may have trouble trusting someone, and you may feel self-pity, fear of rejection, and neediness.

5. Throat chakra:

As you might have guessed, the throat chakra is responsible for our verbal communications.

If the Throat chakra is unblocked you can speak your truth without falling into traps of overthinking and judgment of others.

If this chakra is balanced as mentioned you can express yourself freely, become creative, etc

When this chakra is overactive you may speak too much, start to criticize others, and become stubborn.

When this chakra is underactive you can’t express yourself publicly, are afraid to speak in front of a crowd, become dependent, and suppress your creativity.

6. Third-eye chakra:

One of the most famous chakras is the third eye chakra, which is responsible for your gut feelings or intuition.

Intuition is what guides you when you need some clarity in making decisions.

If this chakra is balanced you can understand your purpose, feel charismatic, meditate and become wise.

When this chakra is overactive you may feel lost, might constantly worry, and become delusional about how you see the world.

When this chakra is underactive you can’t see the bigger picture, can be easily influenced by others, are confused about your purpose, and start doubting yourself.

7. Crown chakra:

Located at the top of your head, the crown chakra is responsible for your spirituality, perspective towards complex things, wisdom, and ability to see the truth about your world.

If this chakra is balanced you feel joy, connected towards “the source” while becoming wise and compassionate towards others.

When overactive you may become addicted to spirituality, crave attention, feel the need to become popular, and have over-erotic imagination.

When underactive you can misread things, be unable to find joy, become unaware, or deny your spiritual connection.

Now that you have a brief idea of what chakras are, what happens when they are responsible for them, and what happens when they become over or underactive.

And why they play such an important factor in determining your emotional and physical well-being,  so let’s discuss crystals associated with them.

Red Jasper (Root chakra): 


As you might have read about Root chakra you must have realized that if this chakra becomes overactive you may become dominant and carry a big ego with you.

This can lead to all sorts of soreness in your relationships in your professional and personal life, you may also become your own obstacle by choosing pride each time.

Red jasper emits a power that can help you avoid that, by making you grounded and keeping your feet on the ground.

This stone can help you balance your root chakra so you don’t have to look confident by acting mean in front of others.

Some notable other qualities Jasper promotes are Protection from bad energy, promoting clear thinking, contentment, and giving you supreme nurturing.

Carnelian (Sacral chakra):


It is morally unfair to take advantage of others by manipulating them and making false promises but it is also unfair to put yourself in positions where others can do the same to you.

Carnelian can be used in this case to build your self-esteem without feeling the need to put others down, this stone also helps you feel the emotional warmth that is given by friendship, and love in your relationships.

Other than that, carnelian can also be used when you are working as it can help you become more passionate and creative at whatever you do. 

Citrine (Solar plexus):


Keeping your solar plexus in order is the key to creating confidence within yourself and your abilities that don’t break so easily.

Citrine is filled with energies that can allow you to do exactly that.

It can help balance and clean your chakra and promote qualities like self-confidence, enthusiasm, inner strength, etc

And also help you feel light-hearted in critical situations which can easily ruin your peace of mind.

Citrine can also help you push yourself to limits to achieve the success which can ultimately make you happier.

Rose quartz (Heart chakra):

Rose Quartz

Perhaps the perfect crystal to associate with your heart chakra, Rose quartz is the pink stone of love.

Rose quartz can allow you to open your heart to others, in order to be trusted and trust others regardless of their individuality.

Other than that, Rose quartz is also known to heal your broken relationships from the past, whether that be reaching out to an old friend or seeing someone after a long time.

Self-love is another great quality that is being promoted by this crystal which can really allow you to understand yourself and treat yourself with the same love you treat others with.

As we know if the heart chakra is not balanced, you may find yourself in situations where you are having trouble feeling good for others and yourself or even situations where you are jealous of other people.

So the benefits that rose quartz can offer to help us to tackle these problems way more easily.

Lapis (Throat chakra):


As human beings, we express ourselves by speaking, and expressing our opinions about things, but when this chakra is blocked, 

You may face physical problems like neck pain, sore throat, jaw disorders, etc, as well as being unable to express yourself without thinking about others in the room, insecurity, social anxiety, etc.

All of that can really ruin your human interactions with others and may paralyze you from speaking your truth.

Luckily Lapis is a protective gemstone that can help you shield against negative and psychic attacks from others.

Lapis also ensures that you have enough faith in yourself to express your opinions, bring out your inner truth and be empathetic to others while doing so.

It should also be reminded that you may speak a lot if this chakra becomes overactive so it is important to know that you are not in a place where people avoid having conversations with you because you talk too much.

Other than healing physical diseases like the ones we mentioned, Lapis can also cure insomnia and allow you to sleep better.

Clear quartz (Crown Chakra):

Clear Quartz

The last chakra is what guides us during dark and confusing times, and when this chakra is not balanced you might get delusional about your adventures or don’t trust your inner voice at all.

Clear quartz is also known as a “master healer” as it also provides much more benefits other than associating with other crystals.

This crystal is known to absorb your negativity which might be a product due to overthinking, grabbing the mindsets of negative people, etc, and then releasing it in the form of positive energy which can allow you to become optimistic and light-headed.

Clear quartz can also be used at your desk as it is known to absorb radiation from your devices, and can help maintain your peace of mind.

Healing with clear quartz can also allow you to restore your energy levels and increase your focus, concentration, etc.

And that’s it!

The above crystals will associate perfectly with your chakras and may help you balance them and can also help you get rid of energy blockages, heal yourself properly and establish a proper meditation routine.

It is important to know that at first all of this might seem overwhelming, therefore as you begin your journey it is crucial you don’t start it alone and without a map.

We at WeRCrystals are here to help you and would love to answer all kinds of inquiries related to energy healing like this.

So feel free to get in touch with us, and explore more of our blog content.

Thank you for reading!

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