Breathe your way through tough times

Is this the time that Nature wants you to relax as you got the time?

Is this that Nature is giving time to replenish itself?

Is this a time that Nature wants you to give your full time and attention to your family, your Parents to whom you could not give time, as you were busy with your job/business, husband and wife bonding was not strong as not able to give time to each other as the work schedule was not permitting.

Quality time with your Children, as you felt that you have to earn to help them grow and they should receive all the happiness which I didn’t receive.

So in today’s situation are you happy that you can spend full time with them and share the bonding of love and happiness. Talk to them and understand what they are feeling. Listening to your child who has got lots of things to say, and who is happy sitting with you rather than spending time on other things.

So in this time, focusing more on happier situations will make your life easier, instead of checking negative news and seeing what’s happening with people. To be honest, is it that after getting the information you will do something to solve and correct it? If you are of the caliber, then please do. Otherwise give time to replenish yourself, rejuvenate your bonding with your family.

A time for your Children, as till now you were blocked in your schedule to earn money with which you could buy happiness for them, by buying toys, games, clothes, giving them good High-class education. But was not able to give time, as to satisfy that need you had to give most of the time to work schedule

If you are single then this is the time for you to rejuvenate from the outside world and seek inside for any answer which might tell you why are you the way you are? What can you do for yourself? What can you do for Society? Is this the reason or had you stopped yourself from exploring relations?

This is a time for everyone so just focus on the time you have got now and feel Grateful to the Source for giving you such a time. 

Pankaj P Soni

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