When you hear the word Vibration or Frequency, what is the immediate thought that comes to your mind? Vibration – Mobile and Frequency – people will think Radio

You are very much correct

Do you know that even we humans release certain vibrations from our mind, our body, we all work under different frequencies of our own which are released from our mind/thoughts

So in our general life, we all are releasing certain vibrations & unintentionally we accept vibrations released by people in the surrounding, in-home, office, phone calls, news, people, whom you meet.

We don’t have control whose vibrations to accept or reject, in fact, we don’t even know that we all release vibration’s

These Vibrations tend to take you away from your Daily Routine work/ Goals and even dreams.

Only those who are strong enough to keep those incoming vibrations and surpass them and continue with their work/ goals will achieve success in their life.

But in general, what happens with most of us is that we tend to give in to the vibrations we are receiving from others’s and when we are not able to achieve our target or find some difficult situations, then most of us back off and come to our original place, saying that “This is not for me” or “This is not possible at all, no one can do it” or “I challenge anyone if you can achieve it then I am ready to give anything” Then after some days or months you hear this is been done and someone else is enjoying success. Why does this happen, it’s because of all the vibrations from the people keeps you outside track.

Then what happens, your frustration comes out on others, your senior’s/junior’s, your family, your friends… and you are getting weaker and then say BHAGWAAN mere Saath hi kyo?

I had heard of a few successful people, that they close themselves in a house for a month or more so that they can concentrate and do the work. But is that possible for everyone who has a 9 – 5 Job.

We collect a lot of positive /negative energy from what we speak with our colleagues. So how many of us discuss positive and how many of us discuss negative, we feel that dukh baatne se dil halka hota hai, but that negative energy has come to you without your knowledge, and again and again, thoughts come to you, how come this happened with him, you call your friends or your relative or your family and discuss the same, sending/sharing the negativity without any intention.

If not then we get angry at our juniors or boss anyone coming in our way. In short, we are removing our Negative Energy Vibrations in the name of Frustration or Anger. Does this help?

So how does Crystal their Vibrations and Cosmic Energy help you?

Crystal’s are different types of stones that have different properties and they go on emitting or collecting certain vibrations. When the Vibrations are channelized with your Aura & Chakras, they go on emitting Energy continuously every time and collecting the unwanted Vibrations which come in your surroundings, every moment & this helps in aligning your Aura and Chakras and keeps/gets you towards Positivity and keeps you on track so that you will achieve your Goals

Love Yourself, Love you all

Thank You

Your Friend, Your Guide, Your Brother

Pankaj P Soni

Pankaj P Soni

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