A) Path Clearance Service –

  1. Form with simple written examples.                            – Rs 1500 + GST  
  2. Form with examples, one sitting with Crystal Expert either on Zoom or Google Meet. Upto one hour after the full form is filled on or before 12 days. You need to send the form back in the email, and confirm it to us.                                                   – Rs 3000 + GST   
  3. Services in 2 + One hour sitting after one month for your review.                               – Rs 6000 + GST                  
  4. All the services till 3 plus – One sitting after the Form is filled, one sitting again if any changes discussed to check the changes done. – A review after one month on Zoom/Google Meet – One review after 6 months on Zoom/Google Meet – Rs 15000 + GST

Add GST 18% with every option

Video Testimony for every option, to share the happiness & get more positive Vibrations back to you.

FREE – One month Energy Vibrations after the Video is received, send your photograph as an attachment in email. This will be updated on the website and the FB page.

B) Rough and/or Polished Crystals

  1. Crystals for a house of 2 to 4 people (Crystals Small or medium) – Rs 24000 + GST
  2. Crystals for a house of 2 to 4 people (Crystals Medium or Big) – Rs 36000 + GST
  3. Crystals for a House of 2 to 4 people (Crystals Big or Large) – Rs 69,000 + GST
  4. Crystals for Office/Factory – we need the specifications, like Space (Square Feet)/ Number of People, and if you can share the images and a video in the FB personal chat, before we calculate the price. That would be great.
  • House approximate upto 300 – 900 square feet.
  • Crystals will be leave our Warehouse after 6 – 15 days after order confirmation.
  • You will be informed if there will be any delay in sending the Material.
  • 100% advance will be taken and you will be given an Invoice with the confirmation

  C) Reiki by a Reiki Grand Master

Reiki will be given keeping Crystals nearby, and the person will need to sit comfortably and give 10 – 15 Minutes to receive it.

  1. One Month                    –  Rs 9000
  2. Three Months              –  Rs 27000    (10% Disc)                
  3. Six Months                    – Rs 54000 (20% Disc)
  4. One Year                       – Rs 108000 (30% Disc)
  • Reiki Healing will be done by Reiki Grand Master.
  • You need to give 10 – 15 minutes when the Reiki is done.
  • The Healing Vibrations of Crystal’s will be added with Reiki to give you a better result.
  • Results can vary from time to time and depending on your case, and how willing you are ready to change.

GST will be added.

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