Use of Crystals To Avoid Extreme Stress Environment

How to Avoid Extreme Stress Environment which creates anxiety, and other mental illnesses which is something no one is immune to, there is no one vaccine that can fix all.

And it can happen to anyone at any age, you may not see one screaming but things like these are really breaking their self-confidence and putting a huge dent in their mental health.

But a lot of this can be because of our work life, as a majority of us spend so much of our life working, and while it is ok to feel challenged and get out of our comfort zone, it is not ok to work till you hit the bottom.

And therefore people have been looking for ways to be aware of their current state and work to improve themselves and crystal healing is one of them.

Crystal healing is using crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious stones to heal one’s mind, body, and soul.

They can allow someone to take care of themselves and gain back control of their life, which can help them audit their circle, stay calm and be happier in day-to-day operations. 

So let’s quickly learn how these crystals can help you, and then we will proceed to list out crystals that can help you take care of your mental health.

What can these crystals do?

As mentioned, a majority of stress could come from your workplace and while we agree that you should do what you love, there is a fine line between working hard and chasing your dreams and pushing yourself too far which can create problems for your mental and physical health.

Doing what you love can solve some problems but not all of them, so let’s break down what factors can cause a negative impact on your mental state and how they can all lead to burnout:

Workplace conflicts:

Whether that be arguing with someone at work or dealing with conflicts in the organization as a leader, one can quickly get into that state of mind and hold grudges against one another.

And the worst part is that a lot of times they don’t get solved in one day, and therefore facing your co-workers every day with hatred is not healthy behavior and may lead you to a stressful place.

So it is important that you can find a way to avoid people like these from having a bad impact on you.


One of the hidden causes of stress is procrastination, basically avoiding normal or important work instead of doing something unproductive.

But how can this be related to stress?

All those unproductive hours actually make you work for long hours and take away your time to relax and recharge from your work.

A similar example is: Because of your habits, you start to wake up 3 hours earlier to do something that can be done during your normal work hours, so here you are eliminating your sleep for no reason.

Now, this may seem relatable as we often allow our relaxation time with stupid things, and the crystals we would mention today will help you stay focused and productive.


Your inability to fully open yourself up to your family, friends, or professionals who can help you solve your crisis is something a lot of people struggle with.

Opening up like that can lead some people into vulnerable places, and therefore they feel they might be judged or become a laughing stock.

So it is important to keep your confidence up and establish a better bond with people.

Speaking your truth is important, and being fearless is important so that you can live your life to the fullest and communicate effectively and calmly to the people around you.

So now you have the context of what we would be talking about when we are listing out crystals and describing their benefits, let’s proceed and see our handpicked crystals that can help you.

Crystals to try:

  1. Agate:

We sometimes tend to overthink the outcome of simple things, like talking with our co-workers to behave professionally but sometimes all it takes is reaching up to their desk and having a real conversation.

Fears like that can make you suffer unnecessarily and get anxious about little things in your workplace.

Agate can help you come up with simple solutions to your complex problems, this gemstone can even help you gather enough courage to speak your truth and communicate fearlessly.

Agate is one of the best crystals for the workplace, as it can help you avoid the toxicity of the workplace, by shielding you and protecting you.

This gemstone can even reduce your stress levels when you are working or dealing with difficult people at work.

  1. Black Tourmaline:

Speaking of protection, let’s talk about Black Tourmaline, one of the best stones for protection and absorption of negative vibes.

Black Tourmaline is famous for being used in the workplace, as the benefits listed by this stone are perfect for anyone to become calmer, wise, and happy around their co-workers or other people they meet in their professional life.

If you are someone who is constantly affected by the moods of people around you, this stone should be on top of your list as it can help you balance your emotions and make you more aware of your mental state.

This can allow you to make conscious decisions instead of riding the roller coaster of unbalanced emotions.

Other than helping you get your energies and your mood right, Black Tourmaline can also help you protect from the EMF radiation that comes from your electronic devices.

This can also help you feel more relaxed, calm, and focused in your workplace.

  1. Amethyst:

While Black Tourmaline can protect you from shielding you against damage done by others,  Amethyst helps you heal from the unavoidable stress you face.

It can help you get a clear and better headspace even in critical situations, Amethyst can also help you keep your anxiety in check.

Amethyst also gets rid of unhelpful, negative, or destructive thoughts and helps you to be on the bright side of your life.

This can greatly impact your mindset and mental health in a positive way.

Other than that Amethyst can also keep people with harmful intentions away from you.

And lastly, sleep is an important process that can help us recover, recharge and repair ourselves, but it can become difficult to get good sleep from time to time.

Keeping Amethyst nearby can help you with cases like insomnia and allow you to feel relaxed and sleep better.

  1. Clear Quartz:

One of the most famous crystals on the list, you may have seen this white crystal at gift shops and other places, but did you know that aside from looking simple yet beautiful this crystal is called “master healer”.

That’s right, Clear quartz although has qualities that can help you with managing your stress, can also help you to pair this with other crystals to increase their powers.

Now, talking about the benefits you can get with clear quartz, it is a crystal all about promoting calmness to a shaken mind, clarity when you are flooded with all kinds of thoughts, and giving you energy so that you can work better.

Clear quartz really helps you maintain your focus while working, as this can allow you to become more productive and less busy.

Another reason you should use this crystal at work is that it can promote qualities that can really help you make the best of your working hours while eliminating distractions.

Those useful qualities are Concentration, the Ability to focus, logic, clarity, and improving memory.

  1. Amber:

Our thoughts of the future make us anxious and that can make us suffer more in our imagination than in reality.

Amber can help you keep your anxiety at a low level and allow you to focus your attention on the present.

It can also help you deal with personal conflicts like self-confidence issues, stress patterns, and other habits that can make you depressed.

Other than that, Amber allows you to be yourself at tough times, feel light-hearted, and stay calm and collected when you need it the most.

If you didn’t already know there are left and right parts of the brain, one of the best benefits of having Amber nearby is it helps balance them by ensuring better coordination and connection to your body.

Healing with amber can also cleanse you purify your energy and give you an optimistic perspective of your life.

  1. Rose Quartz:

This beautiful pink crystal can help you manage your stress levels by promoting love, compassion, and empathy for others and yourself.

A lot of times situations in the workplace can easily be brought to a peaceful level if one can understand the perspectives of both parties and work together to bring a solution that is mutually beneficial.

Rose Quartz can allow you to summon the strength to forgive others so that you can finally be at peace and not hold grudges against one another.

Other than that, Rose quartz can also allow you to take it easy on yourself by removing self-criticism or absorbing any other type of negativity.

Rose Quartz is really helpful when it comes to managing your anxiety and becoming happier and more present.

Alternatively, you can use this crystal while working to establish better communication and relationship in your professional life.

  1. Sodalite:

A lot of stressful thoughts are a direct product of irrational thinking and being too scared to face the outcomes.

But that can become a really bad habit and can make us feel frustrated and might even make us more lazy and unproductive.

Sodalite can help you bring practicality to your life, by allowing you to think in terms of logic and helping you in rational decision-making.

This can really help you overcome a pattern of unhelpful thoughts and allow you to communicate better.

Other than that Sodalite can also bring calmness and peace to your mind so that you can stand your ground in stressful situations.

Listening to yourself is something we should do more often in order to become more self-aware of our challenges and how we deal with them, you can use Sodalite to do that and really follow your intuition.

  1. Howlite:

Howlite is another great gemstone that can help you control your overactive mind, and allow you to see things objectively and logically.

This gemstone is also great for strengthening your mental health and making it more resilient to attacks that are thrown by others at you.

Building your mental health core is really important to ensure you don’t get offended, hurt, or disrupt your peace of mind in an instant.

Other than focusing on yourself, one of the best things that can give you energy and inspiration is having a clear and realistic goal.

Howlite can help you become self-aware and help you suppress feelings of rage and hate.

  1. Selenite:

Selenite can help you focus on things that are directly responsible for ensuring your emotional well-being and growth.

It can also help you ensure a proper flow of energy through your system and allow you to open up your mind to vast and challenging concepts.

Selenite helps you in making better decisions as it gives you clarity of thought and fills you up with positive vibes.

With all that, Selenite can also help you bring balance and peace to your work and personal life which can really help you elevate your mood and bring more happiness.

And that’s something all of us can relate to as the goal is not to get rid of stress and negative thoughts but to also bring positivity and enjoyment into our lives which brings us to the last crystal on the list.

  1. Citrine:

Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone that can be used for a variety of reasons, but today let’s stick to how it can help you with your mental state.

This stone is known to promote work-related qualities like concentration, memory, and creativity, so you can do your job in the best way possible.

Taking control of your work and ensuring it proceeds as you want is a true treasure and one to have.

Other than that Citrine can help you build inner strength, restore your energy levels if you are feeling low and give you emotional stability.

Which can help you understand your limits and allow you to progress in your life without burning out.

Thank you for reading!

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