We all are a small part of a BIGGER WHOLE

Today’s situation makes me question myself, did something invisible came to put everything in its place.

Suddenly the pollution went down, more family time – so much time that they do not know what to do with it – parents can spend full time with their kids as a family, work bring a priority has changed, even traveling.

We are getting ample time to see within ourselves and faith in many things has changed.

I hope we realized that we are all in the same boat whether rich or poor. Going to the supermarket shelves, we all have to stand in line, and bigger malls are empty/ closed and the hospitals are full.

Cars whether new or old are in the parking lots, simply because nobody can get out.

Empty streets, less pollution, clean air, the Earth also breathes, feel the voice of trees, seeing animals on the streets in cities, for which we had to go to Jungles to see.

Today is the day that makes you see reality, realizing that with or without money, the important thing is to stay with Nature and not against.

Today, we realize that our health is the main thing.

It took 6 days for the universe to establish the social equality that was said to be impossible.

Fear invaded everyone about seeing our planet without water, without trees and covered with gasses emitted. But still carried on with their work, as saying someone else will do first, or just by me throwing garbage on streets, loitering in the spaces thinking that this is not my home, they should change or else Nature has its way.

Nature is forcing us to clean up the mess made by ourselves. So take an Oath that you will keep cleanliness either in-home/ office or streets

Our main point of discussions:

– Money

– Sports

– Fame

– Politics

Have changed to

– There is some UNIVERSAL ENERGY

– The best place is HOME

– Our best company is our FAMILY

– The real-time is TODAY

– Nature’s call change or I have to force

– The message: WAIT, RESPECT

We are not BHAGWAAN/ GOD/ ALLAH/ WAHE GURU, call the ENERGY by any name, and we do not have the power of controlling everything, but we need to come in alignment to stay with each other in HARMONY

Part of a whole something which is created by the CREATOR so that we all can stay in harmony, but we wanted to dominate & today we can see

Stop, breathe, respect.

This is time for us to realize the essentials, that the peace of your soul guides you towards what you are: a CREATION

Be Thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you are, be thankful for what you are getting. Sit calm and think again, this is what you wanted, as before you didn’t even have this, and still, you feel I don’t have what I want?

Why do you feel you are not successful and others are?

Why do you feel there is something missing, even when you are successful.

Do you have a peaceful sleep?

Come to know what will make you happy?

How do Crystals play a role in your day-to-day life?

How do the vibrations released by these crystals support you and keep you aligned?

How these Crystals keep the other’s intentions and their vibrations away from you so that you can carry on with your Work.


Pankaj P Soni

I help Individuals / Groups / Entrepreneurs to Clear their Goals | Give Crystals | Reiki | and Theta Healing | and Motivate them to Achieve Success | Let's Connect

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