Which Crystal Can Bring Good Luck and Success

Many people have a question as to which crystal can bring good luck and success in my life.

As we say goodbye to all the challenges and hardships and move into a new dimension full of hope, a little fear and some really exciting things let’s ensure that this is your best year yet.

But the term “best” means different to us all,

And then again so do our definitions of “happiness” and “success” in our work, relationships, and other adventures.

So it is important that you define what you mean when we say your best version or your best self before moving on.

For some it can be getting their act together and working hard to achieve their dreams, for some it can be opening up their mind and heart to get in contact with people they want in their lives.

But a lot of you who are reading this post related to crystals for the first time must be wondering:

Why Crystals? And what are these crystals?

To answer that,

Crystals or not strictly just crystals, they can be semi-precious raw stones, gemstones that can contain unique vibrations and energies.

These different types of energies can be used by a person to heal, relax, meditate and get clear on their goals and align themselves on the path to achieve them.

And as you might have guessed, anyone can find this beneficial from students to working professionals to people who want some clarity and stability in their life, we will talk more about that later in this post.

But as mentioned crystals are unique and so are their powers, so it is important that you define your “Why” of choosing these crystals.

And as we speak for that one thing you should know as you keep reading this,

This blog post is not just about weeding out the best crystals that only bring you luck, but also about finding the crystals that can help you grow, improve yourself,  relax, learn, work and become your best self.

How does it benefit you?

Each gender, age, generation, and each individual has different goals and different ambitions so it’s only fair that we list a few of them to help you understand how these crystals may help you:

For students:

As for people who are just beginning their lives and lack clarity to make the right decisions and go with it, students may benefit more from using crystals that can help the wearer achieve clarity and clears out the path where they can listen to their intuition.

Students can also look into crystals for good luck as it can help them attract more opportunities related to their careers towards them.

This can allow them to give their best and narrow down their career goals and kickstart their professional journey.

So if you are a student looking for crystals that can help you, make sure to check out our blogs for students.

For housewives:

As a housewife, your challenges might be to ensure you are nurturing your relationships with your social circle and managing you’re in-house problems with ease.

It may be hard at times to cope up effectively with heated arguments or challenges that often weaken your bond with your family members.

So it is important that you can find a way to solve your conflicts through communication and a calm response while speaking your truth.

There are crystals for relationships that can allow you to take care of your relationships, keep negativity outside of your home, get rid of toxic thoughts or even keep you from holding a grudge against an individual.

For working people:

As for the people who are already working in their careers, fields, etc you may find it best to be more productive, calm, focused, creative, and communicate effectively.

You can also use crystals to attract money, as it can help you introduce yourself to more opportunities that can create more wealth for you.

But to avoid burning out in the process you can also use crystals that can help you relax, recharge, and take care of your mental health.

Below we would be listing some of these crystals so make sure to check them out.

Crystals to use in 2022:

So with that out of the way here are some crystals to use in 2022 to bring forth your best self:



What better way to start your year than to fill yourself with courage and passion to blast your way through excuses and stick to your new year resolutions or other goals?

Garnet is a beautiful crystal that can balance your chakras and re-energize them so that blockages cannot stop you from getting what you want.

It is also notable for people who are usually shy and introverts in certain social situations where they would like to speak their truth.

They can keep garnet nearby as it can help them feel more extroverted and confident enough to communicate with others without any fear of judgment.

This is great because a lot of time our professional and personal growth can become limited if we are unable to make a true connection with others or communicate our thoughts, opinions, and needs to others.

Another great thing to know about Garnet is that it can help you fuel yourself with positive thoughts that can lift your mood up and help you stay inspired in your work.



Now onto the “luck” part of crystals,

Pyrite is also known as “Fool’s gold” because of the reasons we will discuss below.

As you might have understood, Pyrite can be used to attract wealth opportunities, bring luck to your life, and align yourself to the path of wealth and success.

Aside from coming in one of the best crystals for luck and attracting opportunities Pyrite’s benefits don’t end here.

Pyrite can also be used to improve one’s ability to focus, get creative, be intelligent, and use logical thinking, all of these skills can be used in work and outside of it.

You may also feel optimistic while wearing Pyrite as it can create a positive energy flow and help you see the best in people.

Aside from that, it can also shield you against negative energy, mindsets, and behavior that is exhibited on you by others.

Working professionals can keep this stone at their place of work, students can carry this with them to reap all the benefits along the way.



Oftentimes we can’t help but get overly emotional about a certain situation or its predicted outcome, but this can often sidetrack us to our initial goal.

Whether that be giving tough feedback to someone at work or whether you need to end a relationship for good, difficult conversations can help us make big changes.

And to help you with that Rhodonite can be used to balance your emotions, give you a clear head and allow you to get perspective whether by being in someone else’s shoes or by thinking as a third person to get clarity.

Gratefulness is also a trait that is promoted by Rhodonite, it is important that we do not take things for granted and keep ourselves realizing how grateful we are for all the good things that have happened in our lives and where we are right now.

And as part of your new year resolutions, if you are thinking about healing your emotional wounds from the past and getting over some emotional disturbance from someone you can meditate with garnet to heal yourself and get emotionally stronger.

Rhodonite is also helpful when you are having trouble listening to your inner voice as it can help you get in touch with yourself, so to speak.

What’s, even more, is that Rhodonite can help you get rid of self-destructive behaviors that often decline your self-worth and stop your growth.



Turquoise is a gemstone that appears to be a mix of blue and green, it comes in one of the best crystals for healing as well as crystals that protect you.

If you are new to this you might be wondering about protection from what exactly?

Protection from people around you who are filling your head up with negative and toxic thoughts, makes you see the world from a negative perspective, suck out your energies, and are responsible for other emotional attacks.

As you might relate and understand how easily these things can ruin your day or worse become a habit that then makes you enter a loop of endless suffering.

Keeping turquoise nearby can allow you to get rid of that, and find your emotional balance so you can avoid frequent mood swings and become less vulnerable to negative behaviors.

What’s better is that this gemstone can allow you to think creatively whether you are coming up with solutions or just exploring your creative part of the brain to build something beautiful.

Turquoise can even help you get rid of negative self-talk that often leads to sadness, depression, etc.

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz Cluster

And lastly, the crystal that needs no introduction, Clear quartz is one of the most commonly used crystals by people who are new to healing as well as practitioners.

Also known as the “master healer” this crystal comes in crystals for healing as well as crystals to attract good luck and opportunities to the wearer.

By the looks of it seems to be one of the most common colors of a crystal, but clear quartz can help you balance your energy by absorbing negative energy, and exhibiting positive energy throughout your body.

Clear quartz is also known to balance your emotional state and provide you guidance at times of crisis and help you bring forth your best self.

This crystal can also help you work on your mental abilities including concentration, focus, and memory recall.

Thank you for reading!

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