10 Crystals Athletes Can Use To Improve Their Performance In Field

Every athlete prepares to give their best on the field, they train hard, they work hard and they set out meal plans to ensure they have sufficient fuel and energy to complete the competition.

But other than preparing the best way possible you also have to ensure that you get the desired results and sum up those long hours of hard work and determination.

As you can see an athlete can train hard but they can easily ruin their performance on the final day by silly things like lack of focus, zoning out in the middle, losing their confidence in themselves.

Or by constantly thinking about failures from the past, all of this is something that can make you lose the competition before you get started.

So it is important to do all that you can to ensure your mind or body doesn’t betray you at the last moment or even during your early preparation.

Today we would be talking about crystals that any athlete can use to increase their performance and give their best in their future endeavors.

Crystal healing & athletes:

Before we begin listing out the crystals and gemstones you (athlete) can use to reap great benefits, it is important to know what crystal healing is and what it is not.

So you can get a better context of what we would be talking about, here is what crystal healing is not:

  • Using magical stones to create impossible miracles
  • Picking out random crystals from street shops and hoping it would work
  • Using crystals and gemstones as an alternative to prescribed medicines

It is important to point out the myths and misconceptions surrounding crystal healing and its effects so that you can get the best out of the process.

And also if you are wondering how we know so much and how we can help you with all of this make sure to read the conclusion of this post.

Back to the point, we were discussing how these crystals can help you improve your performance, so here are few things you can expect to be taken care of by the crystals we would tell you today:

Energy flow/levels:

By far one of the quickest ways to lose the race before it is started is by forgetting to fuel yourself properly.

Taking care of your energy levels is not only crucial to endure and persevere when things get hard, it is also the factor that can improve your odds of winning something.

Crystals are known to ensure a proper energy flow throughout your mind and body and the ones listed today will help you feel the same.


Like we mentioned in the introduction part of this post, getting flooded with unhelpful thoughts just before your big day is common and can easily distract you from giving your best.

Therefore it is important that we take care of our headspace beforehand so that we can avoid the fear of failure, external judgments and other things that can take our enthusiasm and peace of mind away.

A calm and clear mind is the goal here, and therefore it is important that you can use these crystals during your meditation to increase your focus and understand your thought patterns.

Inner strength:

Your willpower, inner strength and hunger to achieve success is what can let you perform beyond your expectations.

So it is important to learn how to create a sheer will and an unbreakable inner strength that can push thoughts of self-doubts away.

And allow you to endure during tough times and not give up on your dreams easily.


And lastly, to improve yourself you need to know where you currently stand and where you need to go.

But to do that, you need to be self-aware, so that you can find the fulfilment from your preparation and target the weak points so you can become your better self.

Speaking of which, having to know your strengths and weaknesses can be really beneficial for athletes.

Crystals to try:

So far we discussed what to expect from these crystals and now let’s move on to the actual crystals that you can pick to improve your performance on the field:

Here are the 10 crystals athletes can use to improve their performance on the field:

1.   Smoky Quartz:

Smokey Quartz

Like we mentioned earlier, having a calm and clear headspace can do wonders.

Nothing sets us off balance more than the flood of thoughts that come to us when we are minutes away from entering a tournament or preparing ourselves in the backroom.

In moments like this one can use something to calm themselves and focus on what is important.

And here is where Smoky Quartz can help you, it can give clarity to the wearer and provide you with much-needed stability that all athletes need to put their best foot forward.

Other than taking care of your mental state, Smoky Quartz can also help you deal with depression, lift your mood and allow you to hear your inner voice so you can follow your intuition.

So other than the scenarios we discussed if you need to feel cheerful and get rid of those negative thoughts make sure to keep Smoky Quartz nearby.

2.   Citrine:


Citrine can help you boost your preparation by helping you with goal setting, thinking long term and summoning enough motivation to take action.

This is what makes this perfect gemstone to use in morning routines as it can really help you analyze your current path and help you get your actions and goals in order.

Citrine can also help you release negative traits like fear of failure, negative self-talk, unhelpful thoughts etc.

And promote positive traits like Happiness, inner strength, emotional warmth, comfort etc.

Other than that this crystal is perfect for athletes who feel like they don’t have enough energy to accomplish their goals.

This crystal can restore energy levels, promote self-confidence and inspire you to chase your dreams.

3.   Carnelian:


Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that can help you feel calm and collected when the thoughts in your brain are running wild.

It can also help you appreciate yourself, by acknowledging your hard work and celebrating your individuality.

This can give you a positive perspective to see yourself from a different angle, which can help you be more aware of your accomplishments and see how far you have come.

Other than that this gemstone is also known to promote mental benefits like Improved memory, the ability to get in touch with your creative space and promoting positive choices.

This gemstone can also help you with building your self-esteem and being comfortable in your own skin.

Carnelian is for athletes that are struggling with manifesting enough power and ability to see positive life choices.

4.   Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger’s Eye

The perfect gemstone to help you live your life without any compromises, Tiger’s eye can help you in times when you are sweating your palms and have no idea how to show up in competition without embarrassing yourself.

Tiger’s eye promotes strong qualities like Courage, the ability to speak your truth out loud, self-confidence, self-esteem and strengthening your willpower.

This allows you to get rid of the fear of failure, fear of judgment and help you to give your best without any pressure.

Tiger’s eye can help you bring clarity to your thoughts and get rid of negative vibes around you, this can allow you to think clearly and avoid getting too anxious at times.

If you are an athlete and need someone around your corner to constantly motivate you like your coach to achieve greatness then this is the perfect stone for you.

5.   Bloodstone:


Another excellent gemstone on the list to help you with getting sufficient energy and maintaining it so that you can be less dependent on caffeine.

Bloodstone as the name might suggest also ensures your proper blood flow throughout your body so you can feel a sense of stability.

Aside from giving your great amount of energy this stone can also help you overcome the stress that comes from your electronic devices.

It can also help you declutter your mind with unhelpful thoughts and avoid overthinking.

Bloodstone can shield you against emotional attacks from people around you and help you to get rid of their negative energy.

6.   Jasper:


Jasper is mainly known for its great ability to get people through tough times and times of great stress, something every athlete has before or after a competition.

All of this stress can eat you up and make you lose your enthusiasm for whatever you are doing.

So it is important that you avoid becoming your own worst enemy and have a positive mood to put your best foot forward.

Jasper is also known as “supreme nurture”, it can also help one increase their physical endurance and not give up easily.

This stone can help you get some peace of mind and have a positive attitude towards your fellow competitors as Jasper promotes feelings of compassion.

Other than that Jasper also encourages you to be yourself and make better decisions by promoting the ability of quick thinking, better analyzing a situation etc.

7.   Sodalite:


Restore your focus by using Sodalite, this crystal can help you become more aware of your surroundings and your current state.

It can also help you get perspective that can promote clear thinking and analyzing a situation in logical ways and from different angles.

But one of the best ways athletes can use Sodalite is to calm their minds and focus on the present.

As that is the only thing that can give you control back and allow you to actually do something productive.

Sodalite can also help in balancing emotions, seeing things rationally and listening to your inner voice at times of stress.

8.   Malachite:


Malachite is best known to get your whole body in order and to coordinate better to serve you well.

And as an athlete you may realize how important this is, Malachite can help you establish a better connection with mind and body and stay connected during times of performance.

The gemstone can also help you get rid of bad habits and self-destructive behaviors that are responsible for the block in your growth.

So if you are an athlete who struggles to get your life in order and stay disciplined this gemstone is just perfect for you.

It can help you bring forth your positive qualities and help you to positively transform yourself and become the best version of yourself.

To summarize, Malachite is a great crystal for athletes who want to apply new changes and prepare themselves better.

9.   Selenite:


Selenite is another great crystal that can help you protect yourself from negativity and emotional attacks done by others around you.

It can also help you gain clarity in your mind so you can see your current path clearly and without any confusion or unhelpful thoughts in your way.

Selenite can also make you aware of your surroundings, this includes your social circle, so you can find and maintain distance from people who drain your energy and fill your head with negative thoughts and fears.

This crystal can also help you gain a positive perspective and therefore you can start to see things positively and be calmer.

10.   Green Tourmaline:

Green Tourmaline

Last but not the least, Green Tourmaline is one of the best crystals on the list, it can really help you feel joy and work hard in your journey.

Green tourmaline is known to provide you with good energy that can lift up your mood, become happier and reflect on all the good things you have in your life.

As for the physical benefits, athletes may find this one beneficial as it can help them with post-workout recovery and build endurance.

It can also help you with flexibility issues, and dealing with workout-related problems like fatigue etc.

This crystal can also promote self-confidence and get rid of fears, so you can feel more light and content.

Green tourmaline is known as a performance enhancer for athletes, and therefore this is used by various Olympians and professional athletes in various sports.

Final words:

A lot of this may seem overwhelming at first so we suggest you start small and pick something simple but effective like Smoky Quartz for your beginning.

Simply use it to meditate before your big day and you may feel the benefits.

But if you want to learn more about how other types of crystals work, then feel free to check out our blog for more.

Here at WeRCrystals, we help you pick the perfect crystal and show you how to use them and incorporate them into your routines.

So you can achieve your goals and be happier and fulfilled in your life.

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