Clearing Your Path For Success Using Crystals

Nobody likes being confused or tangled in their own thoughts, if you are then reading this will help you in clearing your path for success.

but every once in a while people may find themselves juggling between making sense out of things to clear their ideas, thoughts and goals

Procrastination can easily become a habit during times like these as when you don’t have a clear head you may not know what to do next.

So it is important to calm your head and get back into the present, and the crystals we would discuss today are gonna help you with that.

Why crystals?

If you haven’t read our previous guides about crystal healing here is a quick introduction to get you up to speed:

Crystals contain unique and powerful energies that can vibrate in different frequencies to give you benefits that can help you heal, protect and provide clarity.

And the overall process of using crystals to heal is known as “crystal healing”.

As each crystal is unique and so is your problem, buying the right one that suits you is crucial for a  successful healing experience.

Why do you need to get routines in order?

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” 

Benjamin Franklin

Our routines, if watched closely, can predict a few things we may or may not do, goals we may or may not achieve, so therefore it is important that we pay attention and get our habits in order.

For example, setting a goal to get fit and accomplish a certain fitness goal by the end of the year is of no use if you are not working every day to get there.

You can’t run 30kms one day and expect to achieve success.

You have to make dietary changes and habits and follow them each day to help you get there.

And taking small steps each day can help you not get exhausted and stick to your plans longer.

So the crystals we would discuss today can assist you with doing that.

Now that you know why you need to get your routines in order, the other question is:

What does clearing your path look like?

It is an important question to ask yourself, as mentioned no one size fits all, therefore find the clarity you are missing, it can be any one of these:

“What can I do to improve my job performance?”

“What kind of career change should I make? Should I even change my career now?”

“Is this how my relationships should look like?”

“What should be my goals in life?”

Questions like these and more can help you set the right expectations for yourself as you can clearly see yourself improving and getting some clarity about your situations.

And just by gaining some clarity, you can expect to improve in the following:

  • Productivity at job
  • Making critical decisions 
  • Making a clear goal and the path
  • Understanding your relationships 
  • Being more self-aware to further improve yourself

Setting clear and specific goals can really allow you to understand the steps you need to take each day to achieve them.

Now, let’s proceed to the part where we tell you the crystals you can use.

Crystals to use:


Let’s begin with the stone of motivation and endurance…but why? How do motivation and endurance help?

Clearing your path can be hard for some people and therefore they may look for shortcuts to avoid that, but keeping a carnelian near you can help you motivate you to do harder things whether that be at work or at home.

This can allow you to take the hard but necessary steps to get out of your comfort zone and get your life in order.

Other than that, this gemstone is also perfect for the workplace as it drives ambition to set goals for the wearer.

And like you know you can’t hit the target if you don’t know what your target is, so this can allow you to eliminate procrastination during work hours, so you can avoid becoming your own obstacle.

Also if you are struggling to connect the dots and form a clear idea, carnelian also promotes memory recall so you can make the best decisions while remembering sufficient data.


This stone is perfect for people who are facing difficulties finding their purpose and clarity in their life.

Celestite can help you calm your racing thoughts and bring you back to the present where you can feel more connected with yourself and your emotional state and figure out what to do next.

It is also important that you are thinking positively for the best results and celestite can help you with that.

As it can clear out negative energies from you and replace them with positive ones, the stone also allows you to become more self-aware, which can ultimately help you get a perspective of where you stand and how to reach your goals.

It can also unlock your intuition or inner voice if it was previously blocked by your self criticizing thoughts or by any other energy blockages.

This can allow you to trust your instincts which can greatly assist you in clearing your path and showing you the way.


Another great crystal that can help you find purpose in your life, Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone.

It can bring spiritual awareness, open your mind to accept new concepts and enhance psychic abilities to the wearer all of which can help you put the pieces together and understand what you really want.

As mentioned Amethyst is a protective stone as it can protect you from various psychic attacks, emotional attacks that are done by people around your workplace or even at home.

Other than clearing your path and protecting you Amethyst can also promote work-related traits that you can benefit from.

Things like improving memory, increasing focus and establishing better communication with the people around you so that you can speak your thoughts and take proper feedback.

Amethyst healing powers are also great to heal one’s emotional or psychic state so if you are feeling exhausted or out of energy amethyst is the crystal to have.


So far we talked about clearing your path, gaining clarity but let’s talk about crystals to use when you know what you want to achieve.

Take steps each day to ensure you are on your path to success, but to do that you need to let go of habits that don’t serve you and develop habits that do.

And malachite is the perfect gemstone for that, it can help the wearer get rid of bad habits including additions to alcohol, drugs etc.

And help you take responsibility for your life, which can make you more disciplined, focused and goal-oriented.

Other than that Malachite can help you feel more stable and at peace when you meditate with it.

So above were some crystals you can use to clear your path and get your habits in order, if you want to learn more about crystals like these make sure to check our blogs.

Also, you might be wondering how we know so much? And what do we do?

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