FAQs On Crystal Healing – 2

So here we are completing our 2 part series of blogs about common questions asked for crystal healing, and crystals help increase your wealth.

In case you haven’t read the first one, please do that and follow along as we answer your queries.

As you previously read the first post you might have an idea of what healing with crystals may look like and the benefits you can reap while doing so.

In this post we would answer a few questions that can help you get specific crystals for your needs:

1. Are there any crystals for kids?

Is crystal healing just for adults? Can my kids get the same benefits as me with these crystals? Are crystals harmful to kids?

Crystals are completely safe to use for your kids as well as you.

These crystals might help them with their growth in terms of personal development and performing well in school.

In fact, a lot of kids tend to use crystals to help them get better as a student or even as an individual.

Kids can use crystals to eliminate early symptoms of depression, anxiety, and cycles of negative thoughts.

The outside world still surprises adults so it can be common for some kids to develop early patterns of low self-esteem which may impact their confidence as an adult, crystal healing can help you avoid that.

Other than that, using crystals can help your kids become sharper, and more focused and improve their memory while studying.

So here are some crystals for kids:



There are a lot of reasons why citrine comes as one of the best crystals for kids.

Like its color citrine brings light to the wearer’s life, it can bring happiness, joy, and enthusiasm in every aspect of your kid’s life.

Being light-hearted and finding joy in pursuing new adventures is the key to exploring the world and therefore your kids might find this very useful.

Other than that Citrine also helps to deal with issues of self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence, all of which can affect one’s life in a positive way.

Citrine can also help strengthen your children’s intellect and improve psychic development.



Remember how we mentioned the thought patterns of negative thinking and how badly it can affect your kids’ life? Well, Fluorite can help you with that.

This crystal is known to promote positive and calming energies to the wearer and eliminate toxic thoughts and negative energies.

You can also use Fluorite as a protection stone as it can help shield your child from negative and psychic attacks by others around him/her.

Also when your kid is having trouble studying or focusing you can use this crystal to boost their concentration and improve their memory.

2. What are the best crystals to attract wealth?

Attracting fortune and opportunities that lead to great wealth is also another reason crystals are commonly used.

So here are crystals for wealth one can use to align themselves in the path to generating a good amount of wealth:



Without a doubt, people who want to create opportunities for wealth have to use this stone as this is also known as “fool’s gold”.

Pyrite helps the wearer create an environment where he/she can become self-aware, and creative, and get ideas for generating cash flows, let that be finding ways to cut costs in your business to open yourself up for new things.

You may also find Pyrite to be useful in your journey to achieving wealth as this can help you stay focused and centered in your work.

What’s even better is that this stone can allow you to use logic, intelligence, and memory to improve your work life and find ways to optimize your working hours.

One may also feel energetic when keeping this stone nearby which can allow them to put their best foot forward.



While Pyrite helps you attract opportunities for wealth you can use Jade to stay consistent and think long-term instead of putting it all out only to face burnout.

This stone can help you to stay wise, calm plan effectively, and see the bigger picture, therefore using this stone when you are starting your business is a great idea.

You can also use this crystal to get rid of negative and toxic thoughts and ensure a proper flow of positivity in your life.

3. What are the crystals for good luck?

“Luck” is another common area where crystals are being discovered, so it only makes sense that we list out crystals people can use to bring themselves good opportunities and clear their path:



If by luck you mean protection against emotional attacks and guarding yourself against people then Agate is the stone to go with.

This can bring you good luck in your protection and help you avoid crossing paths with difficult people or people who are there to suck your energy out.

What’s, even more, is that Agate can help the wearer become more accepting of things they cannot change things as external factors that can easily make someone lose their mind.

And as we are talking about protection Agate also ensures that your surroundings don’t have a negative impact on you, for example, if you have negative co-workers who always complain about things keeping this stone nearby can help you avoid adopting that behavior.



Malachite can help you avoid missing out on things that can help you grow or improve.

This stone can also be used in business as Malachite can help you close better deals and work with people you desire.

What’s even better is how Malachite can help you win in your business, helping you become aware of your operations and attract opportunities for success.

You can also meditate with Malachite when you feel things are out of your control and you are having difficulties balancing your emotions.


If you are thinking of pursuing your career goals or even changing your career then you may find Garnet to be a blessing.

This stone can help you make conscious decisions, promote logical thinking and help you avoid making decisions based on fear.

This is useful because it can be possible that you may overthink your decision which may lead to self-criticizing thoughts or lack of fulfillment.

Garnet can also bring confidence to the wearer and promote positive thinking.

4. What are the best crystals for positive energy?

As we work and live our day-to-day lives it is common for us to encounter negative thoughts whether that be us thinking about how to deal with our productivity or whether we catch up on the negativity from our surroundings.

So it is best to be prepared and keep your optimistic mindset intact, and here are the crystals that can help you:



When you are feeling low on energy, unmotivated, or even drained out from your meetings you can use Turquoise to give yourself a boost of inspiration and positive energy.

It can help you eliminate your unhelpful thoughts, help you get rid of your negative perspective, and bring positive vibes to you.

Social situations tend to make a few people nervous and when you are feeling that you can carry Turquoise with you to feel more extroverted and communicate smoothly.



Use this stone to absorb all of your negativity and make yourself feel lighter and more fulfilled.

Onyx also helps you to turn that negative energy into positive, helpful, and good energy that can help you turntables when you are in situations of crisis.

This can easily become one of the best stones to use when you find yourself in trouble and can’t get a hold of your monkey brain.

Meditating with onyx helps you become calmer, see things with logic and avoid focusing on unhelpful aspects of the situation.

5. Are there any crystals to improve sleep?

And lastly, sleep is the ultimate medicine one can have in healing their body, mind, and soul.

Sleep can help you recharge yourself and get prepared for another day, but what if you are having trouble doing it?

There are a lot of factors that can disrupt one’s sleep patterns we will discuss that with the crystals below:



Howlite comes in one of the best crystals for assisting in curing insomnia.

It can help you alleviate symptoms of insomnia and calm down the brain activities that can keep you up all night.

Things like the constant thoughts of panic, overthinking, analyzing, and being unable to shut off and relax.

Howlite can help you become more patient by thinking long-term and finding peace within it which can help you become less anxious and less likely to worry about everything else you can’t control.



Moonstone helps you calm your emotional state and improve your wellbeing by nurturing you and helping you take things with ease.

You can also use this stone to get rid of stress and remove some early symptoms of depression.

Moonstone also works on the physical state that can help you sleep better like helping you to digest, relax your body and flush out toxins from your body.

Final thoughts:

As we end this post it is important to help you become aware that crystals are helpful in assisting you in improving yourself and becoming successful in the things you desire but crystals alone won’t magically heal your wounds, drop cash loads of buckets at your office.

You have to put in the effort and use these crystals to make the most of your journey!

With that being said make sure to check out our other blogs regarding crystal healing, Reiki, and more on WeRCrystals.

Till then we wish you good luck and wish you happiness!

Thank you for reading! 

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