Crystals for Your Career and Professional Success

Success and constant improvements in our work life is something everybody wants in their lives. So here are Crystals for Your Career and Professional Success

But oftentimes people expect to get different results while working with the same methods, this not only makes them think they are working hard but the result that comes as a product is not something they want.

And that’s why keeping an open mind and working to change not our goals but the ways in which we achieve them might just be the key to getting your desired results.

So if you agree with this and want to make sure that 2022 becomes the year where you reach your professional goals then this blog post is just for you!

Let that be asking your boss for a raise and getting approval or working towards making a hard but necessary decision in your career let that be a career change itself!

But just in case you didn’t know what these crystals do, here is a quick intro:

Crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious raw stones are gifts from nature that contain unique energies, and powers, and vibrate at different levels.

Each of these crystals can help you get unique benefits and may enhance the quality of your life both physically and mentally.”

And just so we are talking about crystals it is important that you know, that these crystals alone will not “magically” achieve your goal, they will assist you and bring you opportunities while taking care of you.

So with that out of the way, here are the recommendations of Crystals for Your Career & Professional Success:


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Jasper is a red-looking smooth crystal that is known to exhibit qualities that can help one become more confident about themselves and avoid getting their mind tangled in negative thinking.

People who wear jasper can also exhibit courage and the ability to deal better during hard times.

Jasper is also known as a “supreme nurturer” it can lift your spirits up and allow you to stay enthusiastic at your work.

Below are some ways listed in how you can use this crystal but you can get creative and use it as you think might be beneficial for you.

You can use this crystal:

  • When you are feeling uninspired to do anything or procrastinating at work
  • In your meetings where you come in touch with people with opposing opinions and negative perspectives, this crystal allows you to stay calm during that
  • When you are in a high-stakes situation and have trouble thinking clearly and quickly
  • When you are about to give a big or important speech, this crystal can get rid of negative energies and eliminate self-doubts/




One of the best things you can do when starting out on improving yourself professionally is to start becoming accountable.

This can allow you to take back control and become responsible for your actions and plans in effect.

Malachite is one of those crystals that can help you with this realization, and allow you to self-reflect so that you can understand and improve your strengths and weaknesses.

Other than that this crystal can also improve the quality of your work life as it can allow you to show compassion towards your co-workers and other people you meet professionally.

This can allow you to build meaningful connections and ensure a friendly environment at your office which can result in bringing more opportunities for yourself and greater fulfillment.

You can use this crystal:

  • To get rid of habits that no longer serve you
  • To make your emotional state stronger and focus on your goals
  • To create a healthy environment around your office
  • When you are feeling lost guide yourself
  • To work better with your team

Black Tourmaline:


Black Tourmaline

Now, let’s talk about crystals that can get rid of negative energies around you that not only discourage you to dream big but also are responsible for starting a cycle of exchanging negativity with everyone around you even at home.

Black Tourmaline is a really good protective stone that can absorb negative energies while also getting rid of radiation around you that comes from your electronic devices.

This not only allows you to feel refreshed and energetic but also protects your physical as well as mental health.

In your work life it is highly likely you are going to meet energy vampires who feed off your emotional energy and leave you uninspired and too tired to do anything, so it is best to prepare your day by keeping that in mind.

You can use this crystal:

  • To block negative energies to take the best of you
  • To keep the wrong people away
  • When you are unsure of a certain person’s behavior
  • To recharge yourself with positive vibes
  • To get rid of electromagnetic pollution



This crystal is also known as “Fool’s gold”. Pyrite is an excellent crystal to keep nearby for people who want to attract career opportunities and take their work to the next level.

Also if you feel that you are often unable to make the right decision because of a lack of self-awareness you might find this one useful.

Pyrite is known to exhibit qualities of inner strength, logical reasoning, and intuition and also allows you to have an optimistic perspective about your life.

The last one is really helpful and can really make all the difference.

Having a negative perspective might make you see obstacles in everything, but if you shift that mindset to a positive you are able to extract opportunities when it’s hard.

As mentioned pyrite attracts wealth opportunities to the wearer as sometimes luck does make a difference between having enough opportunities or having none at all.

This crystal also allows you to see things beneath the surface which can further promote more logical decisions which can be ultimately beneficial for you.

You can use this crystal:

  • When you are applying for a new job or even thinking about a career change
  • Planning to grow your business
  • Have trouble finding the right opportunities for yourself
  • When you are unable to get clarity about yourself so you can make better decisions that suit you
  • When you want to get rid of obstacles and adopt an optimistic mindset

Black onyx:

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a crystal for energy, and strength and can enhance your mental endurance.

Oftentimes you might have found yourself being tired for little to no reason which can block your growth and stop you from doing your part each day.

Black onyx is known to give the wearer the ability to endure during tough times, stay disciplined while working which is something a lot of people may find helpful, and ensure you have enough energy to push hard and test your limits.

This crystal can also be used to adapt to the surroundings which ultimately gets rid of your fear and promotes self-confidence.

Being familiar with the environment this way helps you focus on your work and eliminate distractions.

You can use this crystal:

  • When you are planning to work long hours and work hard on a project, startup, or your own business
  • When you are struggling to find enough confidence to show up
  • To discipline yourself and focus on long-term goals
  • To fuel yourself with enough energy when you are feeling tired

Tiger’s eye:

Tigers Eye

After reading about Jasper you might be wondering if it is the only crystal that gets close to being confident and living your truth.

Well, a tiger’s eye is a perfect stone for motivating you, inspiring you to take big risks and live your life without any fear of judgment.

Tiger’s eye is a great stone of protection, which means it can protect you from negative behavior, psychic attacks, and other threats to your mental health done by people around you.

You might not have full control of who works around you but you can take control of your actions with the help of a tiger’s eye.

As we are talking about work-life only shielding yourself is not what makes this perfect crystal for career success,

This crystal can get rid of fear, the anxiousness that comes when you are just about to perform, and get rid of patterns of self-doubt and negative self-talk.

You can use this crystal:

  • To prepare yourself before big presentations or when you are about to pitch your ideas or even when asking for a raise.
  • To take conscious decisions and make good choices without any fear
  • When you are unable to take the next step in your career
  • When talking about your likes and dislikes of people at your workplace
  • To get clarity during the crisis and keep your emotions in check

Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz (Source of image)

Oftentimes it is not how much work we do that makes us non-fulfilled or half-fulfilled, it is the fact we don’t know how to balance our work life.

If you are working 24*7 or working from home it becomes hard to separate your work from home, which can make you either work all day or make you not work at all!

This instability can slow down your progress and provide you with the stress of deadlines and you may often find yourself constantly worrying about your work even when you are relaxing.

Smoky quartz comes to rescue you by helping you become more aware of your actions and help you find a balance between your personal and professional life.

It can even help you to calm down your nerves and get a hold of your fear while eliminating depression and other symptoms like it.

You can use this crystal:

  • When you are having difficulties setting up work boundaries
  • When you are making decisions based on fear
  • To have difficult conversations at the workplace
  • To get rid of overthinking and cure depression
  • To bring stability to your life

Bonus (Rose Quartz):

Rose Quartz

And lastly, as human beings, we need to be able to trust, exhibit compassion, love and strengthen our bond with each other.

Rose quartz helps you in getting rid of negative energy, replace them with positive ones and let go of any grudges you have for someone.

And allow you to bring forth your true self as you can eliminate the fear of judgment and be true to yourself.

Rose quartz can allow you to trust others and restore your trust among them, which can allow you to communicate better, show your vulnerability and create a meaningful connection.

You can use this crystal to:

  • Form new relationships at work
  • To work better with your teams and colleagues
  • To strengthen your bond with your clients and customers
  • To create a healthy and positive environment at your workplace

What does an improvement look like?

It is important to measure metrics of your success to keep yourself motivated and inspired to do your best, so it only makes sense that you want to measure how crystals improved your life.

You can do so by noticing small changes like:

  • Seeing more opportunities in your work life
  • Having truthful professional relationships and connections
  • Being happier and having a positive perspective
  • Communicating your needs to others without becoming violent
  • Attracting more wealth opportunities
  • Being able to balance your work life

As we end this post, we want to remind you that the above crystals can assist you in having all of these things, but if you are not working to make the change they can do it all by themselves.

So it is important to work hard and use these crystals to help you achieve your goals and make 2022 your best year ever!

Thank you for reading!


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