How To Avoid Being Scammed When Choosing Crystals?

Crystals are beautiful elements of nature that are used as an alternative medicine to heal your mind, body, and soul.

But oftentimes when starting to pick out the perfect crystals for you and approaching them in the right way a lot of scammers and hustlers can fool you and make you spend tons of money or give you something that doesn’t really work for you.

So here we have listed few myths to be aware of, how to have a practical approach when buying a crystal and how to ask for someone to help you.

Some common myths and misconceptions:

Lack of the right information is what sets you a target for scammers when they want to make you empty your wallet and lose your hard-earned cash into buying something.

So It is better to do your research and be a little educated when buying crystals as there are tons of myths like below about crystal healing:

One Crystal Works For Everyone:

No, one size fits all same applies to when you are choosing your crystals, a lot of crystals have unique benefits and uses but there is no master crystal that can work every time and for everyone.

P.S. There is a crystal called “master healer” but that does not make it the king of crystals or make it work for every issue.

Before buying any crystal take a steady approach instead of rushing into buying every one of them, or the most beautiful of them.

This brings us to our next myth.

Beautiful Crystals Does Better Job:

A crystal’s beauty has nothing to do with how it performs, whether you polish it throughout the day or the crystal itself is beautiful and shinier than the others.

Crystals work best when you feel connected with them, so look for that.

Crystals Works On Magic:

No, crystals are not based on magical practices, they simply contain energies that can lift your spirit up, promote positivity, etc.

They don’t have magical or instantaneous effects, they won’t cure your body instantly or if you are using it for work they won’t increase profit by 50% immediately without you putting any effort.

Crystals assist you in doing things, they are not fairy tale elements.

You have to take the action.

Crystals Should Be Given As Gift:

Although gifting someone a crystal is not a bad idea but there is a misconception that in order for crystals to work effectively they need to be given to you as gifts.

How do scammers apply these? They can charge fees to be given as a gift from someone they hired to you.

Having A Realistic Approach:

This does not just necessarily apply to crystals but when you are buying almost anything you need to keep a realistic approach and ensure that you don’t overestimate anything.

When any scammers are selling you anything let that be gemstones that can make you instantly  powerful here are few common things they do:

Barnum Statements:

They may say something like: “Do you feel depressed?”, “Are you afraid to live your life?”, if these sentences sound common it is because they are.

These are the most commonly used sentences used by those “Get rich quick” schemes from time to time, what they do is throw statements at you that may feel unique to your situations but are not.

They put pressure on your emotions in order to sell you something.

Too Good To Be True:

This is just a little common sense but often skipped, you may find at some places that the gemstones or the crystals appear more shiny than usual, this can easily be done by few techniques to make it look good.

But remember, as said previously the beauty of crystal is just a luxury but not a metric to measure the power and effect in crystals.

The reason to polish these crystals or add a lab-based element to ensure its beauty is just to sell your crystal at overpriced value.

Consult An Expert:

Lastly, with so much misinformation out on the internet, it can be hard to cut through the right ones,

And just like you don’t solely take medicines based on online health blogs, you shouldn’t introduce crystal healing without knowing how.

Here at We R Crystals, we help you to pick out the right information that can help you create a positive environment around you, introduce enthusiasm and reap the benefits these gemstones have to offer.

So feel free to get in touch with us to learn more that we have to offer.

Thank you for reading!

Did you hear any new rumors about crystals lately? Like they can make you fly? Let us know below!

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