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When the person calls, he/she has some blockages in their mind which needs to be cleared.

Caller – Hi Mr. Pankaj, I am XYZ calling?

Me – Yes please, what do you do, XYZ?

Caller – I am into a job, but for the last few years I am trying for another job, I am not getting any opening.

Me – So what is your job profile.

Caller – I am into marketing, handling this profile.

Me – So how is your day-to-day activity?

Me – So why do you need a job change?

Caller – I handle so many operations, more than my job profile, and I am very good at it.

Caller – I am not happy with this job. I can grow further and I am not seeing my growth here.

Me – Do you have a family?

Caller – Yes

Me – So are you the alone Bread Earner for the family?

Caller – Yes

Me – So who are there in your family?

Caller – My Wife and my 2 daughter’s

Me – So does your wife work?

Caller – No she is a housewife.

Me – Great. So what do your daughters do?

Caller – They go to school and my wife takes care of both of them. My wife is good she takes care of the housework, and she doesn’t even ask me to get more money, but this just came to me that I should earn more money.

Me – Any reason, why are you feeling that you should earn more money? Are you not able to give everything to your family, like is it in someplace that you have to cut costs?

Caller – No, I give everything they want. That way I am happy.

Me – So should I say one thing! If I have permission.

Caller – Yes Please

Me – When you are happy with what you want to give, your family is happy with what you are giving, you have not calculated what more do you need, so how you will get.

In Fact, it is you who is happy with your situation, that means you are saying to the SOURCE-ENERGY that I am happy. Then you should be happy and content, why are you thinking that you are not happy.

Caller – No I want to grow? Tomorrow I will have to spend more on their education and their pocket money and their education.

Me – So when did this all came to your mind?

When a person realizes what was stopping him/her

Caller – Well yes I am getting more clarity now of what I want and why?

I’m really thank full for the time you have given

Pankaj P Soni

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