Crystals for College Student Success

Many do think that will crystals help students to achieve success in their studies.

Many have been using the concept of crystal healing for centuries, they have been using this to heal their mind, body, and soul.

And before you think it’s a placebo, and only works for your brain here is research to show you otherwise.

These crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious stones help one to also overcome physical challenges like Blood flow, insomnia, kidney-related issues, eye problems, etc.

Crystal healing can be very beneficial in assisting you to become better or heal yourself, but it is important to note that crystals alone won’t magically make miracles possible.

With that out of the way, as a student, you may be looking for ways in which you could optimize your study plans, improve/restore your focus or bring new opportunities to you.

So today we would list the crystals that can help you with that and more.

Crystal Healing & Student’s Challenge:


There is no one size fits, and therefore strictly sticking to crystals that can only help you study better is not the goal here.

So first let’s list out the common challenges you as a student might face that can be solved by using the crystals in this post:

Finding Stability:

While this may sound like not one of the most common challenges, as a student you constantly have to wear multiple hats and that can really shake things up for you.

Which in turn can cause frequent disruption in your mental state and may take away your peace of mind.

In the constant rush of pursuing your career, it can be hard to take a minute and refocus and rethink so that you can take a breath and gain a better perspective that can help you understand your path better.

So it is important that you stay centered and focused on the things you want in your future.

Ability to Focus:

Focus is needed not just for studying or preparing for highly competitive exams, but also for digesting information from lectures and classes better.

And although as a student you might have thought of cramming your study syllabus at once, it is better to start taking consistent and small steps early on to avoid high pressures which can make you afraid instead of productive.

Making career choices:

Career choices in one’s life are made early on, and a lot of students struggle to find them, therefore the “crystals for students” we would be mentioning today will allow you to make better and conscious choices.

It is also important to note that the constant pressure from your social circle may make you feel overwhelmed and may make your choices based on fear of judgment or failure.

These crystals can help you become fearless and get rid of self-doubt so you can put your best foot forward.

For best results make sure to stick around till the end of this post.

Crystals For Students:

So without further ado, here are crystals and gemstones for students to try to begin their journey with crystal healing:

1. Fluorite:


Let’s start the list with the “must-have” crystal for students: Fluorite.

Because of the powers, Fluorite contains it is highly recommended by crystal healers to use this stone crystal if you are a student.

Fluorite promotes qualities that are essential in a student’s life like aiding concentration, improving focus, better decision-making, opening minds to new concepts, and helps in aiding memory.

All of this can prepare you to learn, explore and study with great benefits and achieve your potential.

Other than that, Fluorite can also help you to get rid of mental blockages that can really block constructive and useful thoughts while studying.

Fluorite is undoubtedly one of the most effective crystals for students.

2. Tiger’s eye:

Tigers Eye

Ever had a situation where you have done everything you could to prepare for an exam, but for some reason, you are having trouble recalling the information or are paralyzed to even write about it?

Situations like that can really take away all the hard work and hours of studying you gave all year long.

So it is important that you don’t surrender to fears like these and have no pressure while performing in the exams.

Tiger’s eye can really help you eliminate your fear of failure, and live your life fearlessly.

It can also allow you to get rid of self-doubts which often happen when you are vulnerable or doing something important.

Tiger’s eye can also help you gain clarity in your mind, and promote qualities of confidence like Courage, Bravery, Self-awareness, and getting rid of stress. 

3. Malachite:


Malachite can help you study better by eliminating negative energies that come from your surroundings aka people around you or from your constant patterns of doubting yourself.

It can really help you stabilize your mind and focus on the present, which can allow you to pay more attention during your study time and limit habits like procrastination.

Yes, procrastination is one of the best ways to waste your time, because in that state you are not even completely relaxing, you are just avoiding what you need to do.

So if you are a student and you are struggling with that, Malachite should be on top of your lists in “gemstone for students”.

Other than helping you restore your focus, Malachite can help you feel calmer which can allow you to learn and digest things better.

This gemstone is perfect if you have exams soon and you are struggling to find a balance between studying and relaxing.

4. Agate:


When we are about to perform at anything, not just exams we often get flooded by negative thoughts, thoughts that make us doubt ourselves and make us think if we are good enough.

From public speakers to students who are giving their senior exams everyone faces this but this is the last thing that should affect you.

So to battle that and ensure there are no negative thoughts once you are in the exam hall, use this gemstone to calm down your racing nerves and allow yourself to be present.

Agate can also help you improve your intellect and your mental core so that you don’t get stressed out or panic easily.

This is useful as students can’t give their best when they are busy dealing with their own obstacles in their path.

So use this stone to stabilize your mind and body and pay attention to the present.

5. Carnelian:


Every now and then student need a push that can help them boost their efforts to run the extra mile and achieve their goals.

That push is in the form of motivation and inspiration that can be promoted when you are wearing Carnelian.

This gemstone can also help you feel some emotional warmth, self-confidence, and the ability to appreciate your efforts.

Students who struggle to find the fuel they need to complete their projects or prepare for an exam can use this to give their best and bring more opportunities to them.

Other than that if you are a student that is working on creative stuff like arts, music, etc this gemstone can allow you to expand your creativity and express yourself freely.

6. Howlite:

Howlite Tumbled Stones

One of the worst places where one’s mind runs like a wild horse is when you are studying or guessing an answer in the exams.

But chances are as a student you may have experienced this a lot, some even call it the “monkey mind”, which jumps from one branch of thoughts to another and another.

This can easily make someone freak out in a scenario and lead to poor decision-making or leaving it to luck.

So Howlite can get rid of that monkey mind and allow your mind to calm down and become more stable.

This not only helps students refocus on the present but can also eliminate panic attacks, and anxiety during exams which is common.

Other than that if you are preparing for an exam this gemstone is a blessing as it can help you in improving your memory and allow you to absorb information better.

7. Amethyst:


Sleep is important if you want to recharge your mind and body, recharge yourself and give your best the next day.

But with the constant pressure that comes from studying when you are near exams or working to deliver a project at the deadline, the stakes become high and students can suffer from insomnia.

Amethyst can help you get rid of that disorder and allow you to relax better so you can find balance in your emotional state.

Other than that this crystal can also help you mediate which is important for any student that needs to get their mind cleared and get some headspace.

This can also allow you to become more self-aware and improve your areas of weakness and work to double your strength.

But if those reasons weren’t enough, Amethyst is known to shield you from the EMF radiation that comes from electronic devices you are surrounded with.

And let’s face it we live in an era of online classes, project submissions, and even exams so it is hard for us to eliminate our digital needs but it is important to not let them affect our mental health.

8. Amazonite:


And lastly, student life is not just about studying and giving their best in exams, it is also about learning skills that are useful throughout life.

And a lot of opportunities like these are presented when you are in school or college.

Things like becoming a team leader, working together to build something great, etc can really allow you to sharpen your personality and build meaningful connections for the future. 

And when impurities like that show up, Amazonite ensures you are not hiding in the last bench but instead taking part as Amethyst can promote skills of leadership to the wearer.

Also helps in building self-confidence and speaking your truth so you can share your thoughts without any fear of judgment.

And lastly improves your communication so you can read the room and understand your place better.

Final Words:

As a student, you are constantly surrounded by challenges that can make you feel overwhelmed and may take away your ability to enjoy and work hard to achieve your goals, and therefore it is important to maintain good mental health and take care of yourself every once in a while.

But using the crystals and bringing the concepts of crystal healing into your life may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry we are here to help.

Here at We R Crystals, we help you begin your journey into crystal healing in the simplest and most beneficial way possible.

We can help you pick the right crystal based on you and your goals and help you achieve success by showing you how to use these crystals in your daily routine.

Yes, you need a routine, you can’t just buy a crystal and absorb its power for a lifetime of benefits.

You need to learn how to use them, take care of them, and align them with your goals.

So if you need any help with that or have further questions make sure to:

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