Stress, anxiety, and sadness are always there to attack us when we are not at our best, but with last year’s pandemic, stress has only increased among everyone.

The feeling of loneliness and isolation from your loved ones really make it hard for you to be happy and calm in these situations.

Be master of mind rather than mastered by the mind – Zen Proverb

Our mind and its health, which is also known as mental health, need our attention to work properly, keep our emotions balanced and help us give some sense of hope during tough times.

But oftentimes with global events like Covid, your mental health gets affected in fact take a look at the chart below:

The same report also says that:  “Respondents in the United States were more likely than people from other countries to report mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, or great sadness since the COVID-19 outbreak. This statistic shows the percentage of adults in select countries who reported experiencing stress, anxiety, or great sadness that was difficult to cope with alone since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a survey conducted between March and May 2020.”

Having an unpredictable future can often look scary and make us overthink which can make us sleepless, worry too much about little things and make us anxious about our decisions.

So it is important for us to take care of ourselves first before we move on to taking care of others we are surrounded with.

And crystals can help you with that.

But what are crystals? And what is so unique about them?

Crystals are beautiful looking natural stones that can contain energies and powers, each crystal has unique abilities to assist you in your journey.

The process of using crystals and gemstones to heal one’s mind, body, and soul is known as “crystal healing”.

Crystal healing can be simply done by using a crystal to meditate with, or simply wearing them around your neck or keeping them around you.

This is an ancient technique that has now been used by generations.

Chances are you may have seen a lot of beautiful and unique-looking gemstones or crystals on social media or at someone’s home or workplace.

The crystals, besides looking so beautiful and pure, can assist the wearer by providing benefits that can ensure their mindfulness and inner peace even during tough times.

But before we proceed to discuss the best crystals for you let us first clearly describe what are tough times actually look like today,

Tough times are situations where we normally expect to lose our calm, and logical thinking, this can be but is not limited to:

Work Stress:

Our work-life takes up a big part of our day. We face stress from submitting the work on deadline to talking to angry customers who can be unreasonable at times.

Or simply a conflict at the office we can’t help but overlook at times or any of these reasons:

●       Failing to live up to the expectations of your boss or team leader.

●       Dealing with multiple things at once.

●       Working on weekends with the extra workload.

●       Fight with a coworker.

●       Personal issues around the environment of the office.

But with the pandemic, a lot of you might be working from home so you may also experience: being unable to relax, working 24*7 because it is work from home or simply not being able to be more productive at home.

All of these reasons are what make you unable to give your best at your job or might make you ruder towards your coworkers and team.


“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu

We often think about the future more than we should, and this can make us walk on eggshells in our present.

And with the new pandemic stress our overthinking monkey mind is less likely to settle.

So it is important for us to understand what we can control and what we can’t.

And living in the current moment can help us with that and keep us at peace.

No one has seen “tomorrow” but being overanxious about that fact can only make you not be able to give your best at “Today”.


Our connections with other human beings that are personal or professional often require us to show up in hard times.

And with times like these our relationships are being challenged by distance, and therefore being alone can make us more depressed and sometimes make us paranoid.

So it is important to invest our time and efforts in our relationships.


Lastly, we can’t take care of others around us without taking care of ourselves first, so it is important for us to deal with our inner demons first before helping others.

Whether at work or at home we often ask ourselves things like:

●       Am I good enough for what I have?

●       Do I have the strength to do this?

●       Do I deserve to be happy?

We are often our harshest critics and this makes us more vulnerable to attacks from others.

All of this self-hate can make us really stop living our life on our own terms.

Now that you can relate to all these problems you are ready to move forward and understand how these crystals can help you.

But before we begin on which crystals to use and how to use them, oftentimes you may have thought if “crystal healing” itself is real.

You can learn more about research and find evidence in this little study.

But once you have read that know this:

Crystals don’t work on magic as some may think, they won’t heal your wounds magically or make your problems go away in an instant.

If someone is claiming that it can do that, it is a sign that you should steer clear of them.

Here at We R Crystals, we don’t sell you crystals based on delusions, we help you simplify the process by helping you to choose the perfect crystals based on our years of knowledge and help you make your routines around this.

Feel free to check our resources and call us out to learn more.

But for now, let’s proceed to the next section.

How to pick the crystals:

It is important to slow your pace and learn about crystals before you randomly buy multiple crystals based on their looks.

Don’t get us wrong we love beautiful crystals but it is important that those crystals also help you fix your problems and make you more relaxed.

The very first thing you can do to find your perfect crystal is to identify what you are struggling with, in this case, it is stress, so pick a crystal or gemstone that you can easily keep around your workplace or carry with you in case you need a quick boost.

So it is important that your selection is limited to the crystals for stress, here are a few you can begin with:


Amethyst Cluster

The first crystal for stress on our list is Amethyst, it is a beautiful purple stone that is known for its incredible protection, healing, and purifying abilities.

We are often randomly attacked by people in our social circles or the people we do business with, so it is important that we don’t let their words hurt us and overthink our mistakes.

Amethyst will protect the wearer from these attacks while prompting good qualities that can help them to stay relaxed and calm like humility, wisdom, clarity, and relief.

We get so many thoughts a day but a good amount of them are negative ones, and believe it or not you may not act on every positive thought but you may dwell on all negative ones.

Amethyst also helps your mind to get rid of those kinds of thoughts and gives you a clear headspace to feel more collected.



This gemstone comes in one of the best crystals when it comes to calming your nerves and flushing out thoughts that make you worry all the time.

Rhodonite can help the wearer to suppress anxiety, and give you a feeling of calmness and safe space, while also promoting qualities that would allow you to focus on self-improvement, some of those are: Gratefulness, fulfillment, elegance, emotional balance, self-confidence, etc.

But aside from all that one of the major reasons people use this crystal is to release what no longer serves them which translates to releasing unhelpful thoughts from your mind. 

Rhodonite is a great healing stone that can help one heal their emotional wounds from the past and allow them to be more grateful so they can feel more fulfilled, relaxed and present.


Moonstone Pendant

If the looks of it don’t impress you, moonstone is one of the most recommended stones from healers to people who feel anxious about their future.

We often have no idea what to do in our lives and we often get the feeling we are missing out on our life by not taking enough risks or challenging ourselves with new things.

Moonstone is known for “New beginnings” i.e. if you are stuffed with introducing a big change in your life, let that be changing careers or moving into new relationships it can help you get rid of those stress.

Our inner voice is one of the things that can help us guide through times and keep us sane, and by using moonstone you can help your inner voice to be loud and clear to you.

The pandemic has also made a lot of people lose their jobs, so a lot of you might be thinking of starting something new or have no prior idea on where to begin, but meditating with moonstone can help you in your journey by getting rid of uneasy feelings that occur when we make decisions.

And give you enough emotional strength to take risks and make your dreams come true.

Moonstone is also a stone for good luck, to give you additional support in your journey.

Sometimes the decision-making process can make us lose our cool and wreak havoc on people we care about so it is important that we have a calm and centered mind.



Stressful outcomes are often the product of past decisions and regret, and therefore often times people cannot fully be happy and relaxed in the present without dealing with the past.

Carnelian is the gemstone that can help you deal better with your past problems and allow you to focus on the future and most importantly present.

Carnelian can promote qualities like emotional stability, harmony, appreciation, gratefulness, courage, self-worth, and the feeling of being unique in social situations.

With courage, you can make better life decisions without fear of failure and judgment, and by appreciating what is around you, you are more likely to understand and realize you have far more good things to be happy for than to cry about things you don’t have.

Like a few other gemstones in this list, this stone can also help you perform your best at work by improving your skills and traits like creativity, focus, analytical thinking, and memory.



This is one of the common stones used in jewelry, you may have seen this shiny blue stone around more than once in your lifetime.

But aside from giving out vibes that you respect royalty this stone can give you inner wisdom, and inner peace and promote a positive mindset.

Our mind is our biggest fan and critic, and therefore it is important to look at the world with the hope to see more opportunities rather than flaws or problems.

Perspective is what gives us clarity in making our decisions and seeing beauty in little things.

Other than that this stone opens up your mind for acceptance: Acceptance of beauty, new concepts, and unorthodox methods all of which can help you be less judgemental when you attend social events which in turn calms your nerves.

But simply getting rid of stress is not the point, you also need to attract happiness which is why Sapphire can make you enjoy the little things life has to provide.

When talking about crystal healing we are talking about healing, not just mind and soul but also the body.

Health is wealth after all, and Sapphire is known to heal your eye issues, and blood flow, and cure insomnia.

Oftentimes to relax our nerves all we need is sleep, so you can keep this stone nearby if you are struggling to sleep.



Sodalite is one stop to help you feel secure, protected, and calm.

It is also known to help prevent panic attacks among people, this beautiful stone can also help you be more self-fulfilled, give you clarity, and intelligence, and promote your intuition.

This stone is also known as the stone for peace which can help you to avoid becoming too emotional about little things and ease the pressure you are feeling.

Oftentimes we feel targeted and terrified because we lack self-confidence and Sodalite ensures you have it around when you need it the most.

Our perspective is very important therefore it is crucial we keep them fresh and optimistic to avoid the trap of overthinking, Sodalite can help you with that too.

By meditating with this gemstone you may feel a change in your life.

Other than that if you are feeling stressed out because you can’t be productive at your work, this stone is also known to promote work-related qualities like Concentration, focus, logical thinking, and improving memory.

Not being able to think outside of the box is also what can make us feel that we are not at our best, therefore it is important for us to get out of our own way.

Sodalite can help you get rid of any “creative blocks”  that occur when you are working on a project, or whether you are using the creative side of your brain just for fun.

Black Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of our favorites as the protection properties of this stone is remarkable.

From getting rid of your anxiety to shielding you against cell phone radiation, this stone does a great job for your day-to-day operations.

People who carry this stone around often feel less stressed and emotionally strong around people.

Black tourmaline is also said to protect against EMF radiation i.e. radiation that comes from your digital devices like Smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

We are aware of the harmful effect of radiation but what you may not know is that those side effects are not limited to headaches, radiation can also make you more irritated, less likely to tolerate mistakes, and angrier around people.

All of this can make you lose your temper at the wrong times, so make sure to keep this stone around your workplace.

Black Tourmaline also protects you from negative energies that are thrown off by people around you who are nothing more than energy vampires.

To help you cope well with stress black tourmaline also gives off positive vibes around you so that people are less likely to gloat about their problems with you and make you equally sad.

And if they do this stone is also known to get rid of toxic thoughts and flush them out of your mind.

Where To keep it:

You can keep any of the mentioned crystals or more around the place you commonly think is the place you feel more stressed or triggered.

It can be the corner of your office, cubicle, or in your study room at home as you will be working remotely these days.

Your “home office” is preferred as usually, it is work that gives us the stress of solving complex problems that require our creativity and tough decision-making skills.

Other than home and office if you are traveling you can carry your crystals or gemstones with you.

Some are more portable than others, and therefore they can be easily worn around the neck, kept in a bottle, or even in your pocket.

You may have seen more people wear these gemstones around their necks as these stones are beautiful and ensure boldness in your personality when others see you.

Also, stones like Sapphire which are known to help you sleep better can be kept around your bedroom or anywhere else you prefer to nap, as sapphire is known to help you improve your sleeping patterns to get the necessary rest your body needs and deserves after a long day.

Taking care of it:

In order to get the most out of your process of crystal healing, we recommend that you show respect to your crystals and take proper care of them.

You can do this by simply keeping them clean if it is near your window or any place where there are chances they may get dirty, polishing them from time to time is also a great idea.

Recharging them by keeping them in sunlight or moonlight throughout the night is also a good way to get the best out of your crystals.

Add a few common salts to cleanse it from the negative energies absorbed by it throughout the day.

If you feel we constantly recommend “mediation” around crystal healing we do because awareness of your surroundings is often the first step towards path guidance.

You cannot chase everything therefore it is important to be more self-aware, understand your goals, and re-evaluate your purpose in life.

We are often more stressed out by constantly feeling the pressure of chasing goals that are not our own, and therefore achieving them won’t make us any happier.

So it is important to take a step back and understand ourselves from one of the most important people in the world: “You”.

If any of the above things seem overwhelming don’t worry we are here to help, you can reach out to us for more.

An important note on crystal healing:

As we come to finish our post, it is important that you understand that crystals can assist you in your journey and not complete it on their own.

This means you have to apply your own efforts to make changes, having gemstones for stress won’t magically get rid of all your problems at once, they can help you to be calm and collected.

It is best to use these crystals with your efforts, so don’t set unreasonable expectations which can only make you believe less in your healing process.

But having said that, we hope you pick crystals and gemstones that can help you get rid of normal as well as pandemic stress.

This brings us to the last and most important part of this post.

Crystals need professionals:

Lastly, you simply don’t go around buying medicines without proper prescriptions from a doctor, the same is with the concept of “crystal healing”.

Crystal healing is alternate medicine so it should be used as such, professional crystal healers like us can help you pick the right crystal for you to help you achieve your goals and make you happier.

When starting a new journey you don’t have to start with no maps. We can help you.

The healing works best if introduced in a proper routine, we help you with that and also teach you how to meditate using crystals, to feel more of its effects, and give your best at your day-to-day challenges and activities.

So feel free to reach out to us by exploring our website: We R Crystals

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