Top 5 Crystals To Increase Your Intuition

Sometimes the best advice comes from your inner voice, let that be making big decisions in your life you are afraid to take, crafting plans for your lifestyle, or dealing with any high-stakes situation.

But at times like these, you may have felt that your intuition is clouded by doubts, feelings of uncertainty, and a lack of faith in yourself, so at times like these you can get rid of all of that by using the crystals we would mention today.

Crystals are nature’s gifts to help you master your strengths, work on your weaknesses and provide overall healing of things you are struggling with.

Today we would be talking about using 5 crystals to bring forth your intuition and let it guide you and help you make decisions when you feel lost.

So here are 5 handpicked crystals from WeRCrystals to help you make the best of your inner voice:

1. Selenite:


So let’s begin with the crystal that provides you “clarity” when you are flooded with thousands of thoughts before you take any action.

A lot of those thoughts are unhelpful and cannot be used for deciding your path, luckily with Selenite you can avoid that trap and meditate with it to gain clarity of your situation and with that receive feelings of relief.

But other than clarity you can expect this beautiful crystal to wash away your worries, and fears associated with things you are dealing with.

And because of selenite’s ability to get rid of obstacles and doubts that block you from thinking clearly and staying calm, it can clearly come at top of the list when you are searching for crystals for intuition.

But what’s even better is that you may find meditating with selenite quite beneficial too as you can detox your mind and access a higher level of guidance that can show you light during dark times.

2. Amazonite:


Amazonite comes to the rescue when you are having trouble getting a hold of your brain and constantly diving into patterns of negative thinking and being pessimistic in general.

This stone can wash away that negativity, encourage you into practical thinking as well as use logic to understand things and calm your nerves down.

This can help you be present and make better decisions without letting your fear get the best of you.

Amazonite can also help build your emotional intelligence which is really useful in dealing with situations involving your teams, groups of people, etc.

You can also expect to improve your communication while using Amazonite as you can expect to lead with your intuitive values while being calm and reasonable.

3. Fluorite:


Fluorite comes in crystals for “inner wisdom” which as the category suggests can be used to become self-aware of your inner voice and be courageous enough to let it guide you.

One can use this crystal to align themselves in the path that leads to the destination one dreams of as it can help enhance one’s intellect and protect one from negative vibes around them.

You will also feel mentally charged when you are nearby this crystal as it exhibits optimistic energy to the wearer.

Now other than becoming aware of your intuition Fluorite also assists in decision-making and clear thinking.

So you will find this crystal a huge relief when you are in a high-stakes situation and want to map out the right strategy and actions.

4. Labradorite:


Ever thought about matching intuition with creativity? If so, Labradorite is the stone for you.

As it exhibits creativity to the wearer as well as clear things that obstruct you from listening to your inner voice and following through with actions.

One can also find this stone beneficial when they are trying to get rid of fears, self-doubt, and insecurities.

As the stone promotes inner strength, willpower, and perseverance you can also expect to stay disciplined and determined toward your goals.

Labradorite can allow you to connect to your higher self and become aware of habits and behaviors that do not serve you and assist in getting rid of them.

Therefore one can also find this stone particularly useful when it comes to battling addictions or adding healthy habits to their life.

5. Agate:


Now let’s end our list of crystals for intuition with this gorgeous-looking Agate.

Agate can be useful when you are trying to protect yourself from negative transformations as well as removing toxic thinking about things happening in your life.

One may also find some peace of mind by keeping this stone nearby or wearing it as Agate exhibits properties of calmness, mental peace, and satisfaction.

It can also be hard to understand what our inner voice is saying to us therefore at those times Agate can be beneficial to establish clear communication and understand your needs.

Other than that Agate can also help you become more courageous, confident, and friendly in your social circles.

Let that be at work or home making sure your social skills hit the mark is perfect for establishing new relationships or managing old ones.

Final thoughts:

So as we end this post we hope you can find these recommendations useful and if it is, let us know by sharing this post with others and using our comment section.

Also if you are new to crystal healing and having a hard time learning the concept and want to experience the services make sure to head over to our website WeRCrystals for more informational posts like these and to book your first session with us.

And lastly, we hope you are able to use these crystals for finding and connecting with your true self and being much more satisfied with your decisions.

Thank you for reading!

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