10 Crystals Architects Can Use To Be More Successful

Being an architect often requires you to persevere and think out of the box to solve a problem with the construction or when designing a new place.

These long hours and great use of your skills can become quite overwhelming, a little stressful and the same can have an impact on your home.

And therefore you need little assistance to become more productive, calm and happy.

And these crystals and gemstones can help you enjoy your journey, be grateful for what you have and yet work hard to achieve your dreams.

But in case you don’t know what crystal healing means, let us help you simplify it so that we can help you become your better self.

“Crystal healing” is using raw stones, crystals, gemstones and semi-precious stones to heal one’s mind, body and soul.

These crystals are gifts from nature that can help people’s physical and mental health.

And here at WeRCrystals, we guide you from picking the perfect crystal for you, to keeping it at the right places, taking care of them and teaching you how to meditate with them so you can get the best out of the crystal healing.

Although this concept has been used for centuries today we are specifically talking about crystal healing for architects.

But before we list out which crystals to use, here is something that can help you set the right expectations and understand how these crystals can help you as an architect.

What do we mean when we say crystal healing for architects?

Although an architect’s job routine and other aspects like office space may not be that different from other jobs, that doesn’t make it less stressful or crowded with people who suck your energies out.

So it is important to point out the basic things that happen which can be improved or eliminated if needed with the crystals we will discuss later on:

Office peace:

Your office is your workbench, a place where you can turn your dreams into reality and connect with like-minded people to accomplish a mission.

But there are a lot of things that can easily become distractions and ruin your peace of mind.

Which can later make you more irritating and unproductive at work and if not that it can make you freak out about little things.

So it is important to mind your surroundings and find ways to improve them, and the crystals we mentioned today can help you achieve that.

They can also protect you from negative and annoying people who only connect with you to increase your problems at work.

Creativity at work:

As mentioned architects are required to think out of the box and use their creativity to design something wonderful and put a realistic plan to bring it to reality.

But as you work it is normal that at some point you might hit a “mental block” that can suppress your creative sides and make you a little annoyed.

So it is important to allow your thoughts to flow and become more artistic in your work so you can deliver your best and with some enthusiasm.

Working without burning out:

A lot of people you know may have faced burnout at some point in their work-life, chances are you might have too.

The past year had a toll on all of us, and the remote work might have made you work longer hours and as a result, you might be stressed out and hit fatigue.

So it is best to find ways to relax better and allow your mind and body to recharge so that you can continue to deliver your best work.

The crystals mentioned in this post will allow you to persevere without running on fumes, so make sure to check that out.

Restoring Passion:

Your love for what you do highly dictates how much you will be able to enjoy and endure those long working hours, as making your work a playground can allow you to really go the extra mile and build something wonderful.

And as architects face pressure and projects after projects it can become hard for them to maintain their enthusiasm at work.

So it is important to restore your passion for what you do, as a lot of us spend the majority of our life working so it is crucial that we love what we do.

Create a soothing environment at home:

Lastly, at the end of the day home is where we get back to, to reconnect with our loved ones, spend some quality time together and allow ourselves to be surrounded by people who would miss us once we are gone.

So it is important that all the stress, toxicity you face at the workplace or anywhere outside you don’t bring it home, as it can prove chaotic for your personal life and may also negatively affect your “work-life balance”.

Your home should be your place for relaxation and rejuvenation and therefore it is important that it is protected and joyful.

Crystals to try:

So now you have learned what issues we would be solving in crystal healing for architects, let’s move on to the final part of this post.

10 crystals architects can try to get the best out of crystal healing and keep themselves more cheerful at work:

1.   Celestite:


Not just at the workplace, but you can easily be overwhelmed by the toxic and chaotic thoughts that can make you overthink little things and get depressed by small failures.

Celestite is known to help you get rid of those thoughts and allow you to keep your head calm and clear, which allows you to see things from a better perspective.

This crystal can also give you a sense of safety and make you feel more collected and help you stay focused on the present.

We are often anxious by our constant thoughts about the future and trying to control everything that we lose track of our current conditions.

This can cause unnecessary suffering and distract us from what we were about to do.

Celestite is also known to give you inner strength so that you can have the stomach to endure and face emotional difficulties like these.

As an architect, you can use this crystal when you are feeling your thoughts are going out of control and you need to calm yourself down.

2.   Hiddenite:


Hiddenite is a great healer stone that can allow you to be more self-aware as it can help you understand your weak points and area of improvement.

But the speciality of this crystal is not limited to that, Hiddenite can make you appreciate what you have and be more grateful about people and things around you.

Gratitude truly acts as fuel for happiness and joy and can allow you to feel more connected to your loved ones and feel fulfilled in your life.

Now as we mentioned your mental health is important, you cannot ignore it as it can cause serious damage to your overall health too.

Hiddenite is known to help you with mental disorders, assist you in creating better mental health and helps in protecting how your brain works.

This crystal can also get rid of those unhelpful thoughts, lighten your mood and fill you in with positive energies and an optimistic view of the world.

3.   Amethyst:


This is one of the most popular crystals on the list, Amethyst is known to calm those floods of thoughts in your brain and allow you to relax and be present.

The majority of people use this stone to meditate as it can really lower down thoughts that can make you anxious and thoughts that can cloud your judgment and decision-making abilities.

As an architect, you need to put in long hours of work to build something great and therefore it can be really handy if you can have this crystal with you.

Other benefits include the ability to better communicate with others, balance your emotions and positivity transform yourself to get a better perspective.

4.   Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz

The “master healer” crystal contains several mental and physical benefits under its belt.

Chances are you might have seen Clear Quartz at least once in your life, the white crystal may look simple but it can transmit great positive frequencies and can even allow you to pair with another stone to increase its power.

Clear quartz can help one replace their negative thoughts with positive ones, restore their faith in themselves and allow you to bring more clarity in your life.

But aside from all those benefits, the ability to pair it up with other crystals to increase power is what makes Clear Quartz the best crystal for architects.

5.   Black Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline

Now, as for protection Black Tourmaline is one of the best protection stones in crystal healing.

This stone can really help you from energy-sucking vampires who latch on to you to drain your energy and make you miserable.

You may face people like this at the workplace or maybe in friend circles. Whatever the case, keeping this stone with you can shield you and your mental state from negative people and their toxic thoughts.

And as an architect, you are required to stare at screens for long hours and stay connected to multiple digital devices and the radiation that comes from these devices can make you feel more irritated and can cause strain.

But guess what, Black Tourmaline can shield you against that too, so try to keep this stone at your desk or even at home.

6.   Black Obsidian:

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is another great protective stone that can really be rewarding if you keep it at your home and office.

Aside from shielding you against toxic and negative thoughts, this stone can allow you to purify your energies and transform them with a positive approach.

Black obsidian introduces you to reality and helps you be realistic and practical so that you can make better decisions.

As an architect clarity and hard work are needed to be precise and productive at work, so you can avoid being delusional only to fail.

7.   Angelite:


Angelite makes you more consciously aware about where you stand and how far you have come.

This allows you to be grateful and stay ambitious about your goals, Angelite can also bring self awareness which is much needed to analyze and improve yourself.

Angelite also gives you feelings of emotional warmth so that you can avoid feeling lonely and sad.

Aside from that one of the best uses of Angelite is enhancing the creativity of the wearer.

As mentioned previously architects require creativity, so keep this stone nearby when you are struggling to design something.

8.   Kyanite:


Kyanite can help you battle depression, toxic thoughts and give you positive energy to maintain your work life balance.

It is also known that Kyanite can allow you to make positive changes in your mindset so you can view the world with a different lens and be more practical rather than overly emotional about little things.

And other than that Kyanite can also keep those self depressing and unhelpful thoughts away that we normally encounter when we are at a vulnerable place.

This gemstone can also allow you to be more honest, patient and empathetic to others and to yourself.

Therefore when talking about the most beneficial gemstones for architects we cannot leave this Kyanite out of it.

9.   Citrine:


Citrine helps in bringing out the best in you by dealing with laziness, procrastination which not just architects but a lot of us deal with every day.

This stone is excellent for architects who find it difficult to focus on their work, and often find themselves doing something unproductive.

Citrine can promote strong will and useful abilities like: positive energy, aid in improving concentration and help you improve your focus.

Perfect stone to keep at your desk or at your workbench if you are dealing with unproductivity.

10.   Selenite:


Selenite is another great stone that can be used to increase your productivity and tap into your creative side of the brain.

It can also help you stay focused by eliminating distracting thoughts and lift your mood to feel much lighter and calmer at work.

Selenite is also a low maintenance stone as it does not require cleansing like other crystals, so you can simply place this on your desk and forget about it.

Another reason this is an amazing crystal for architects is because it promotes clarity and wisdom so that you can be your best self.

Final Words:

Although we try to show you the crystals according to specific circumstances we understand that picking out the perfect crystal can be hard.

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So let us know if we can do anything for you.

Thank you for reading!

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