Here is a Guide To Using Crystals For Clearing Your Path. As there is a plethora of information and things other people are doing with their lives, it is common for us to lose our way and have second thoughts about what to do with our lives.

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it. -Kalpana Chawla

With the flood of information and things other people are doing with their lives, it is common for people to lose their way and have second thoughts about what they want to do with their lives.

But these clouds of thoughts can create confusion for us and often lead us to create bad decisions or not making any decisions at all.

By using these crystals and gemstones you can introduce some clarity to your life, and get rid of obstacles in your path.

But before we proceed to learn about which crystals will help you to do that and how it is important to define “Path clearance” to set the right expectation and pick the perfect crystals for clarity.

Clarity can come to use in all shapes and sizes, which means there is no one goal everyone needs to achieve.


For some, it could be learning more about themselves to understand their weakness and strength so they can focus on the area of improvement and use their skills at work or anywhere in their life.

Being self-aware can help you understand what you care about the most as this holds value in your life and can lead to discovering your purpose.

Chasing every adventure and stepping your foot everywhere can lead you to nowhere.

So it is important for people to know themselves so they don’t set their goals based on others’ expectations as we all know “admiration” is a blessing and a curse.

We often do things for people we don’t even like and this sets us for failure and unhappiness.

So we will help you discover crystals to help you understand yourself by listening to your inner voice.

The clarity in work:

There is a difference between what we are currently doing and what we want to do for the rest of our lives.

Let that be picking the right career, or changing your work, or even choosing to start something of your own, with no plan of action you are only aiming to fail.

Therefore making the right choices need a calm approach with logical reasoning so you can make better decisions.

And getting rid of confusion at work can also help you deliver your best and avoid burnout.


Emotional and mental blockage can stop us from thinking clearly, you may have faced this every now and then or during tough times.

A blockage can hold us back from doing things that require our mind like Planning, exploring our creativeness, analytical reasoning.

We are human beings and therefore we need to think creatively at times to get out of our problems or simply understand what we want to do with our lives.

Luckily crystals and gemstones which are listed here later in this post can help you get rid of any of the blockages so you can have more control of your abilities and skills.

Battling anxiety:

Lastly, our clouded brain can cause us to be anxious about our future, which can lead to overthinking and inactivity which can make you regret it.

Therefore decluttering your mind from negative thoughts, and thoughts of self-doubts is also important to make your journey more fulfilling and happier.

We often can’t give our best in the present because we worry too much about the fear of the future, like if you are given a big project to complete at a deadline the fear of failure can make you less productive and distracted.

And that’s why we will also be listing crystals that can help you with this.

But anytime you feel any confusion or think it is too overwhelming let us know, you can contact us by exploring our website, visiting our Facebook page, or give us a text at +91 9769 610 959 on WhatsApp.

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How can these crystals help:

Clear Quartz

Crystals have been used to heal one’s mind, body, and soul over centuries.

Crystal healing is simply using crystals and gemstones semi-precious, raw, and polished to heal one’s mind, body, and soul by either meditating with them or keeping them nearby and making a routine around them.

And the professionals who help others do this are known as “crystal healers”.

We are one of them and therefore we can guide you on how to pick the perfect crystals for you and how to introduce them in your routine so that you can get the best of what these crystals have to offer.

Using crystal healing for clarity can help you in being less anxious about your future by giving you a sense of your place in the world.

They can also help you to declutter your thoughts from negative vibes that often make us doubt ourselves and give us a negative perspective around the things we see and how we choose to handle them.

Which crystals to use for clearing path:

So like discussed in this post here are the crystals that can help you to clear your path.



The first one on our list is obsidian, this is a uniquely protective stone that can protect you from negative thoughts while giving you a sense of fulfillment.

The shielding effects of obsidian is what makes using this gemstone so effective as it can help the wearer to dodge the emotional and mental attacks that can be done by either your coworkers or a client who is not happy with your business.

Blocking this can help you focus less on negativity and get rid of self-doubt and avoid overthinking about other people’s opinions.

The blockage is important to remove as it can also block us from generating creative ideas that can help us be better at what we do.

As opinions can often make you dizzy and confused about what you want to do instead of what you should do.

The time we spend feeling sad about what other people say about us can better be used to create something better for us.

This is also a gemstone for focus, that can help the wearer give their best in their work and bring practicality in their life.

In a world of multitasking where you are expected to be good at multiple things, being focused on one thing and giving your best can make your life simpler and better.

Other than that obsidian is recommended by healers like us to improve one’s psychic abilities.

As your mind is your biggest friend and your worst enemy, therefore, it is important to be the master of your mind rather than the other way around.



Oftentimes to have a clear head we need to focus on one thing and try to keep the process as simple as possible.

Fluorite is the ultimate stone to help you improve your mental focus which can help you get rid of imaginary demons and other physical distractions.

Distractions can be anything from the simple thought of the conversation we had with our coworkers earlier this week, to feeling the need to entertain ourselves during our work hours.

If you are someone who often finds themselves daydreaming more than they need to, you can keep this stone nearby to help you stay focused on your goals.

Daydreaming is okay, we get a lot of great ideas out of it, but this can also distract you or make you inactive in your current plans, so it is sometimes important to stop thinking and start doing, which brings us to the next part.

Fluorite also promotes qualities that can help you with your work:  Increasing concentration, improving memory, and getting rid of mental blockages.

If it is clarity in work that you are seeking then being mentally active can help you a lot, as we need as much data to set our goals or make big decisions so by having all the facts you can be more attentive to detail and make good decisions.

As we often get anxious about little things because we feel we did not cover enough parts or had enough facts to make that decision so Fluorite is the crystal to have nearby when you are in situations like these.

We already discussed the damages of mental blockage in this post.

But by far one of the best ones is the ability to think clearly during stressful situations, as a lot of times we are unsure of the decisions we are required to make during tough times.

So if you ever find yourself feeling burnt out, or lack the mental strength to perform at your work keep this crystal nearby to get a boost.

Smokey Quartz:

Smokey Quartz

You may have heard about the term “monkey brain”, in case you haven’t. It is what is called about our mind which jumps from one thought to another over and over again the same way a monkey jumps from one branch to another.

The analogy perfectly describes how easily our brain can go out of control and jump from one problem to another without solving the first one.

This creates a lack of focus and takes away your ability to concentrate on the present.

And if you didn’t already know, we live in the present, and being zoned out is what can hurt us in work and in life.

Smokey quartz is the crystal of clarity that can help you deal with this type of situation as well as absorb the negative thoughts that can sometimes cloud your judgment and create confusion.

This crystal can also make you more aware as it elevates your consciousness so that you can observe, listen and digest information better.

This is crucial as more than half of our knowledge comes from listening so it is important that we can be active listeners.

Active listeners make better decisions as they have all the facts and they feel less pressured during tough times and critical situations.

Smokey quartz can help you dissolve your confusion and stabilize your thinking efforts while improving your concentration so that you can be more present.

You can also use this stone if you feel burnt out in your work life and are unable to relax.



When making decisions that can have a direct and great impact on your life we are often clouded with the thoughts of “What if ?”.

Well, garnet here ensures that you have a clear and calm mind it also ensures a proper energy flow by balancing your energy and getting rid of negative vibes.

This is also an excellent gemstone if the decisions are based around relationships as this can help the wearer by encouraging: compassion, trust, love, and intimacy.

If oftentimes you feel socially awkward around any events or at your workplace and feel this is holding you back you can wear this stone to get rid of that kind of fear and be more comfortable in your own skin.

We also mentioned crystal healing is around mind, body, and soul so In terms of physical healing this gemstone can treat disorders of the spine, ensures a healthy heart, and boost your immune levels.



This stone uses the removal of negativity, psychological confusion to help you stay focused and figure out your adventures in life.

Hematite can also assist the wearer to balance their emotions and keep their ego in check so that you don’t create problems for yourself.

Your ego is one of your biggest enemies as it can make you overvalue your pride and become overconfident which can often lead to conflicts etc

Clearing your path requires you to be optimistic and focused on your goals and this gemstone can help you with that.

We all know the half glass and full glass point of view, but you can feel grateful about having your half glass filled with water while finding ways to make it full.

Other than all that Hematite can help you stay grounded so you can feel connection and stability within yourself.

As often when we let our emotions run wild they can create a cloud of thoughts that can block us from seeing the truth.



Healing with Jade can help the wearer find perspective in their life, and can understand their place in the world from other’s point of view.

Often times finding our path requires us to be in someone else’s shoes and take a look at ourselves.

Understanding where you stand and how it looks from far away can help you understand where you are going to be, and what changes you need to make to get where you want to be.

Other than providing prospective Jade promotes qualities like practicality, stability, wisdom, clear thinking, emotional warmth.

Practicality helps you to make decisions that can promise something real and stability can help you feel more peace in situations out of your control.

Some physical benefits that come with this gemstone include: assisting to fix kidney disorders, removes toxins from the body, and balance your body fluids.

Tiger’s eye:

Tigers Eye

The habit of doubting yourself every now and then can make you suppress your ability to be fearless in your words and actions.

Like repeatedly mentioned, mindset is everything, and therefore if you are too worried about what other people might think you are subconsciously limiting your mind to express its desires.

As your brain learns from your behavior and habits it is important that we make good choices around them.

This can add a block to your brain which can make you live in fear of judgment and stop you from living the life of your dreams.

This is where the tiger’s eye comes in.

As the name might suggest this stone can remove: Self-criticism, self-doubt, fear of failure, and overthinking.

While promoting good and useful abilities like Courage, Integrity, Confidence, Self-appreciation, willpower, and inner strength.

All of which are needed for you to express yourself and get rid of the obstacles in your path.

Fear is what can cloud our thoughts with insecurity when we are about to make a big change in our life, therefore it is important that we have the ability to speak our truth.



This is one of the best stones for being focused and successful in our journey.

Amazonite as the name may sound familiar is named after the famous amazon river, this stone can help the wearer get rid of stress by calming their nerves.

Oftentimes it is hard for us to think about our goals and missions when we are constantly being pressured or can’t deal with stress let that be from work or internal expectations.

By meditating with Amazonite you can help yourself be more relaxed, increase your clarity and get a psychic vision.

Your mindset needs to be positive at whatever you are trying to achieve, you simply cannot get the best work done by always thinking you can’t luckily Amazonite can lift your mood and make you more positive.

All of this can help you to work under stress and take frequent breaks so that you can be more productive and happy.

Other than that the way we look at the world is often blurred by constant clouds of confusion and negativity, so amazonite can help you deal with that too.

This stone can give you opportunities to see your life from different viewpoints so that you can make better decisions for yourself and progress further.

Along with this Amazonite can also promote qualities that can help you deliver your best at your work like Improving consternation, enhancing problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and increasing your attention span.

When you are working without stress or pressure you are less likely to be unclear about certain things.

Now you have an idea of which stones to pick. Here are a few ways you can use them.

How to use them:

Before you go to pick every crystal listed it is better to take a moment to collect your thoughts, go back to the introduction, find your areas of improvement and then make a decision.

Using all crystals at once is not a great idea if you are just getting started on using crystals for clarity.

Although protective stones like obsidian can be kept around whenever you feel stressful other crystals can be used in any of the following ways:


Meditating with crystals is a common way to clear your mind and become more aware, this can also help you avoid overthinking.

Each crystal has unique abilities and therefore there needs to be a proper setup of the methods to use in order to get the best out of crystal healing.

We can show you how to do that, so that you can learn and apply the concept of healing in little time and with maximum effects easily.

Gifting others:

You can also show your love and kindness to others by gifting them these crystals.

If you know someone who often has trouble focusing on things let that be at your workplace or friend circle you can give these crystals to help them and show that you care.

Placing them:

Aside from mediation, keeping crystals around is also the most common approach to get the benefits from crystal healing.

A pretty common piece of advice is to keep these crystals near your place of work or home, depending on where you feel the need for relaxation.

Fluorite promotes the abilities that are needed at work, so you can place them near your desk or at your office.

Set the right expectations:

Before you proceed with crystal healing, here are a few things you should know.

The first is to know what you want. In the blog post the first part can help you decide what kind of clarity you seek, so understand your situation and work to fix it.

Second, don’t have unreasonable expectations from this, as in they won’t magically make you calm and deal with all of your problems.

Crystals don’t work on magic, they simply assist you so you can be more relaxed, have clarity and have access to your logical side when you are dealing with a problem.

The above crystals will help you to stay more focused on your work, avoid negative vibes and judgments about yourself while promoting a calm and centered mind.

So you can think clearly and have a concrete plan about what you want.

So don’t get hung up on details as we can take care of it, which brings us to the next point.

Don’t do it alone:

When you have decided to clear the obstacles in your path and achieve success, just know that it is a long road and success has no shortcuts.

It is not complicated, we can help you to untangle your thoughts and use crystal healing and give you guidance on how to meditate with them and use crystals in your routine.

Crystal healing, like any other form of medicine should be taken seriously if you want to get the most out of the process.

Therefore by reaching a professional like us you can get the following benefits:

●       Avoid getting scammed from “too good to be true” crystals.

●       Get the right price for your crystals.

●       Updates on how and when to clean your crystals.

●       Learn how to meditate with your crystals to enhance the effects.

You can take the time of our Master Healer Mr. Pankaj P Soni.

He can guide you from listing out your problems, picking the right crystals from years of his experience, teaching you how to meditate with them, and lastly helping you take care of your crystals.

Thank you for reading!

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