Healing with Crystals is often thought of as a magical stone, so here is a beginner’s guide to healing crystals and a spiritual process to self-improvement, but it is more than that.

With the right approach and introduction routines of daily practices with these crystals, one can expect to see improvements in their life and make better connections and relationships with their loved ones or workplace.

Crystal healing can help you stay more relaxed, assist you in aiding your physical health and make you more focused and happy in your life. So let’s learn more about “Crystal healing” and the professionals who can guide you

A Brief Introduction About Crystal Healing:

Crystal healing is simply using crystals and gemstones semi-precious, raw, and polished to heal one’s mind, body, and soul by either meditating with them or keeping them nearby and making a routine around them.

These beautiful crystals contain energies and power that can help you to:

  • Reduce stress and depression.
  • Balance your blood flow.
  • Improve your concentration, focus, and creative thinking.
  • Get rid of emotional blockages that are holding you back.
  • Balance your emotions.
  • Increase clarity and give a path to achieve your goals.
  • Deal with anxiety.
  • Promote qualities like Positivity, empathy, self-awareness, etc.

The benefits and reasons to use crystal healing are endless and we will discuss more later in this post, but one of the major benefits it can provide to the wearer is to help flush out any toxic thoughts, or negative thoughts that hold us back and make us doubt ourselves.

Crystal healing is also known as “Alternate medicine” as the new modern science and application still do not have every answer to human psychology and especially spirituality.

Spirituality is not as dramatic as people make it to be, it is more about the soul that drives you towards your goals, helps you find your perfect pattern, and is responsible for judging your happiness.

Also, you may have seen these crystals on social media influencers as they use them to get rid of negative thoughts and ensure that they are no obstacle to their goals.

But every now and then we often need guidance to introduce a new practice in our life, let that be learning to exercise or learning any new skills.

And we need a professional for it as even though we love learning recipes from the internet there is just too much information to apply on our own and in the right manner.

To do this there are people called “Crystal healers”.

These crystal healers are professionals who know a wide variety of crystals that can help you battle your challenges and achieve your goals and aspire to better living.

A crystal healer can help you understand and pick the right crystal for you based on the current problem you are facing.

For example, if you are unable to relax, then the crystal healers will help you pick the right crystals (in this case it could be “Fluorite”) and help you to induce that crystal in your routine.

Here I add my knowledge and experience of almost thirty years and experience, which you can see in the testimonials received by my clients in Crystal Healing, and first study the reason behind your problems.

Then I start with how your problems have been raised and what changes you require in your life, and which Crystal’s will support you in doing so.

We can also teach you how to meditate with these crystals to boost their effects and become more calm and collected.

By approaching the right crystal healer you can eliminate the hours of research and failure to reap the benefits these beautiful crystals can provide.

In fact, a common myth in crystal healing is that “You can pick any crystal and reap the benefits”, you will learn more about myths and misconceptions later in this post.

So if you are looking for a crystal healer or someone who can help you with crystals to achieve your goals you can learn more about that by exploring our website or visiting our Facebook page.

But for right now let’s learn the benefits and common uses of crystal healing.

Uses & Benefits Of Crystal Healing:

Before we proceed there is one thing you should know.

Each crystal has its own power and uses and sometimes while some of them can have the same effects there is no one crystal or gemstone that can help you get all of the benefits.

With that out of the way here are the uses of crystal healing:

Getting rid of blockage and self-doubt:

Oftentimes the biggest obstacle that is holding us back from living the life we dream of is our “state of mind”.

And it can promote all sorts of negative qualities like Self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and most importantly lack of faith in ourselves.

These things can often stop us from accessing the creative sides of our minds and make it hard to deliver our best work.

Mental blockage can stop you from thinking clearly and create imaginary obstacles that can stop you from being productive or happy.

Crystals like obsidian can help you get rid of this mental blockage and ensure a proper flow of positive thoughts and allow you to be more creative in your work and life.

Dealing with negative emotions:

We get around six thousand thoughts per day according to one report and so many of them are negative and have doubts that can make you anxious in your personal space.

Therefore it is important to ensure that these thoughts do not get the best of us.

Positive thoughts are not delusional as some might say.

They don’t have to make you think “You can fly” but they can ensure that in your life you can deal better with situations that are either based on professional workspace or personal things like relationships etc.

Getting rid of negative emotions or negative thoughts is not enough you need to fill them up with positive ones.

On the other hand, some crystals like Clear Quartz help people absorb their negative thoughts and ensure a proper flow of positive vibes, and boosts confidence.

Wealth and Success:

Gemstones and crystals can be used to ensure one is set on the path to achieving success and generating wealth in their life.

One of the most common crystals for money is Pyrite which can attract wealth to the wearer’s life by attracting opportunity and promoting important qualities like Self confidence and decision making.

Pyrite is also a gemstone for the exact purpose of good luck as it can bring good fortune to the wearer.

It is also known as “Fool’s gold” because it is one of the best crystals for money.

Other than that positive mindset also plays a big factor when finding the right opportunity and acting on it, and Pyrite helps promote that kind of mindset,

Along with keeping you mentally stable, encouraging you to take risks, give you a better perspective on your situations.

And promoting work skills like Aiding concentration, keeping your memory sharp, providing some sense of intelligence, and enhancing your psychic development.

Attracting wealth is a common dream that can be assisted by crystal healing.

Improving relationships:

As human beings, we are meant to be social creatures and therefore we cannot stay alone and do everything by ourselves.

Therefore relationships are needed for us to ensure a life worth living and a life lived with more joy.

But to do that we constantly need to make efforts in improving those relationships let that be office or home.

So crystals like Rose Quartz can assist you to improve your relationships and ensure they are well-nourished from time to time.

Now let’s discuss and learn more about crystals themselves and how you can pick the right one.


Which Crystals To Use & For What?

As mentioned before each crystal has its own powers and unique uses.

From crystals to attract money to crystals for the exact purpose of increasing positivity there are lots of crystals as well as their benefits, so let’s look at some of them.

Keep in mind each crystal has unique abilities and powers; they operate on vibrations so find the ones that you think suit your needs best.



Most people look for crystal healing as a way to disconnect from the world and relax better, and Jasper does an excellent job of that.

It is also called “Supreme Nurturer” by professional healers like us, you can get a sense of calmness, and ease feelings in your mind, body, and soul.

You can use this at your workplace, home wherever you find it convenient, and wherever you feel the need for relaxing.

Another reason to keep this at your office is as Jasper helps you think more clearly and can promote qualities like compassion, contentment, completion, and of course nurturing.

All of which you can use to be nicer to your co-workers and lead them well if you are their leader.

Clear quartz:

Clear Quartz

If you have ever considered crystal healing chances are this is the first crystal you might have ever heard of.

Clear quartz is also known as a “master healer” the particular reason for this is because of its powers and unique abilities, this crystal has a wide distribution and has so many applications from jewelry to technologies.

This crystal can absorb your negative thoughts, regulate the energy and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Qualities promoted by clear quartz are Concentration, focus, and emotional balance.

You can also use this crystal to pair with others to increase their powers.

Tiger’s eye:

Tigers Eye

Tiger’s eye, besides looking uniquely amazing, is one of the most useful and effective stones that can bring some positive changes in your life.

If you are someone who struggles in finding enough confidence to speak your heart out, this crystal can assist you to accomplish great things.

Tiger’s eye is known to promote qualities like confidence, boldness, positive mindset all of which can help you make big decisions or tough decisions with less stress.

Another thing we often do when we are about to do something big in our life let that be making career choices or being in a relationship is that we doubt our self-worth and if we are good enough.

Thoughts like these hold us back even if we are confident and we believe in something, so it is important to flush these out, and Tiger’s eye can get rid of self-doubt and self-criticism so that you do not make decisions based on fear of judgment or lack of self-esteem.

If you are about to make some big changes in your life, let that be applying for new jobs or finding a new partner, keeping this stone nearby can give you a quick boost and make you feel more confident in your decision-making process.



The bright and colored crystal lightens your spirits and gives you a positive and fresh perspective in your life.

This crystal can bring joy, enthusiasm, and fun to your day-to-day activities, people who often find themselves uninterested or partially interested in their work can use this crystal to feel more joyful and more productive around their office.

Work takes a big part of our lives so it is important that we find ways to make it fun, as life is a journey and not a destination.

Also Citrine promotes good and helpful qualities like optimism, warmth, and excitement to the wearer. Being optimistic about the future is what gives you a sense of hope and pushes you to move forward in your life so it is important to remember this during tough times.

How To Properly Pick Your Crystal?

Picking your crystals is mostly based on what you are dealing with and how well you feel connected with a crystal.

To do that you can make a list of things you are currently struggling with and goals you want to achieve.

After that, you can take a look at the crystals we talk about on this website or contact us to help you pick the right one.

On the other hand, as said in the intro of this article, professional crystal healers can properly guide you step by step into introducing crystals into your routine.

This can ensure you do not waste your money buying crystals that do not work for you or buying every crystal based on information on any website.

But to sum up, everything that has been stated so far and make it more effective here is the step-by-step approach for you to pick up your right crystal:

Step One:

Identify your problems, make a list of the things you are currently struggling with, and what you want better in your life.

This list could contain sentences that look like this:

  • I need a more positive perspective in my life
  • I need to balance my blood flow better
  • I need more wealth and financial success,
  • I need to improve myself for my relationship

After this read it twice to ensure it has everything then move to the next step.

Step Two:

Do a little research on your own, learn about your crystals by matching them with your needs and goals, and find crystals that can help you with them.

You can use our blog to get educated about various types of crystals and their abilities, or you can take the time of our Master Healer – Mr. Pankaj P Soni  by booking an appointment by clicking here

After this, you can contact us to help you find the perfect crystal for you so that you can get one more step closer to your goals.

Step Three:

Treat crystals with respect and clean them often, cleansing a crystal can give you fresh energy and show your approach towards crystal healing which can enhance the effects.

Your mindset is everything, remember, if you show that you are involved and believe in these crystals you can get more out of this process.

You can use cold water to rinse them or if you want to know more or want some help with this you can contact us.

We will let you know when you need to clean the crystals by texting you and sharing the methods.

Step Four:

Match your mouth with your actions, aka do not just solely rely on crystals to magically do things on their own.

Crystals will assist you, but efforts of doing the work will be from your end, so you need to show commitment and apply efforts to get closer to your goals every day and allow crystals to help you make your journey more cheerful.

Using crystal healing is similar to using prescribed medicines. You do not go randomly to buy medicines you think can heal you, you consult a doctor before, and the same goes with crystals.

And this is a common misconception around crystal healing, that they can be easily used by anyone.

This brings us to the next and one of the important parts of the article.
Myths & Scammers To Beware Of:

Lastly, a lot of people are in this to take advantage of your lack of knowledge or experience in new things you want to try, as to what you have been recommended to you and what is required by you.

Oftentimes scammers do tend to target people based on their fears and beliefs so it is important to consult professional healers like us before using those crystals.

Here are a few misconceptions and myths to watch out for:

The beauty of crystal and its cost:

The beauty of the crystal you see has no impact on the powers and effects it will have over you.

A lot of sellers try to trick you into buying lab-created more polished crystals which look great but that doesn’t increase their Power, in fact, the raw crystals will emit more energy,

But that has to be energized and aligned with you by an experienced professional Crystal Healer, as he will guide you as to how to use those Crystals and how can you start seeing the change in you, and how you have to change your thinking to go on achieving more and more in your life.

So it is important to understand that the only metric to measure here is how well you feel the connection between you and the crystals.

You can visit our resources to check out the crystals and learn more about them.

Crystals are magical items:

The reason to debunk this myth is that this would be one more reason to not believe in crystal healing.

Crystals do not work on magic or practises like that, they simply contain energies and powers that have unique effects on human beings.

The practice of crystal healing has been used for centuries, from simple stones for good luck to introducing crystals into your work routine, all of this has logical explanations.

Skipping medicines:

Lastly, if you are using crystal healing to heal your body do not skip your prescribed medicines and occasional checkups with your doctor.

Crystal healing will work best if you are using both of these medicinal practices.

Crystals and their Energies can or will guide you to a good Doctor or some professional to get you a piece of proper advice, and will help you in releasing those Negative Energies which has got you the disease or unhappiness

Different healing properties:

If you are new to crystals you may think to pick them randomly and go with them, but know this, each crystal has its unique properties.

We have mentioned some of them in this post previously, each crystal vibrating at different frequencies contains different powers and has different effects on the wearer.

There are a variety of crystals: crystals for money, crystals for well-being, gemstones for good luck, crystals for love, etc

Common tips to avoid being scammed:

  • When buying crystals consult professional healers like us, so that you can effectively reap the benefits crystals can give you.
  • Have a realistic approach and understand that crystals will not magically get rid of your problems in an instant, instead, they assist you with your own applied efforts.
  • Do not buy a crystal based on its appearance. A lot of good-looking crystals may not have the necessary powers that you need, so always be self-aware about what you are struggling with.

If you want more about this topic feel free to check out more in the “blog” of our website.

Thank you for reading!

Crystal healing can help you be calmer, and collected and can attract you more wealth, but crystals can only assist you as you have to apply the efforts to make your dreams come true.

So be educated, avoid things that are too good to be true,

And If you have any more doubts, or are struggling with finding the right crystals contact us at WeRcrystals we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for reading!

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